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To Pythagoras and his disciples, everything was number. Aristotle recorded that 'they supposed the elements of number to be the elements of all things, and the whole heaven to be a musical scale and a number.'

Central to the Pythagoreans, all numbers were integers: fractions being merely the ratio between two integers. Their discovery that harmony in music corresponded to simple ratios in numbers provided the earliest support for their doctrines.

The primitive aspects of Pythagorean beliefs died out very slowly. Their musical discoveries never did. They were true science which displayed the applicability of a 'whole number' model of existence 2000 years before modern science 'discovered' the whole numbers in the chemist's Periodic Table or the physicist's model of the atom.

Underneath the complexity of modern science, there are many examples of the role of whole numbers (e.g. the force of gravity at double the distance is reduced by a factor of 4, not approximately 4, exactly 4.)


The Esoteric Numbers Group is a small group of individuals who embrace the basic tenets of Pythagorean thought. 'All things are number' and all things are related and connected through number.

The aim of the group is to demonstrate the numerical formulae that connects us all, reflecting (if not determining) our thoughts, actions, relationships and, ultimately, our place in the universe.

This website is the first point of publishing for much of our material. We are constantly seeking new insights and information to add to our knowledge base. Feedback, relating either to the data presented on the site or just something you feel may be of interest to us, is always welcome.


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