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Last Update: Monday 3rd November 2008

Newhall, South Derbyshire

The part of my website contains all the information for the village I have found so far during my family and local history research.

Family History

Here is the result of my family history research, my main names are MASSEY, CASTLEDINE, DUNSBY and HIGGINS.

Books for Sale

I sell books on eBay, see a sample of my current listings here.

Daphne du Maurier

Daphne du Maurier is one of my favourite authors. Here I have listed all her works, some photos and a biography.


I read a lot so here is a list of my favourite books.

Cross Stitch

I used to do cross stitch but don't find much time to do it now so here are some pictures of my previous work.


This page is all about my Working Cocker Spaniel called Benji.


I love playing games on Neopets, here are some links to use on the website and some tips.

The Kids' Pages

I have three nephews and two neices who all wanted me to make a webpage for them all so here they are.

My Photos

I have lots of photos to share so come and have a look!

Fun Stuff

Here are some fun things I have found on the web and a few I made too.


I have listed many links relating to all my favourite things.


Why not send me an email or leave a message in the guestbook?

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