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I jus do this website for fun and i try to do my best. i guess all you who read this now. Might be one of Sg fan (jus guess). Well information in this website i'll bet you knew it already. and some photo you've seen it already,too. all picture jus for profit...( thax all SavageGarden's fan site.It's your cradit. I've gotcha in link :] So i will say that nothing new in this site i think(...\( "." )/...) but maybe it has (who knows)...And I'm really a lazy person so I won't updated this site. :)sss
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Welcome every body!! Thank you to visit this site I'm eminy.(you can call me that) In fact i'm not good at English so I've got to say that
" If there somethings wrong (especially about English) please forgive me :)"
if any body want to contact me or you want to blame me or anything. you can email me at or icq 143990654 or sign my guest book...Please i need your
comment or can call me an asshole..i'm glad.. ( hope you not :)...Please tell me what you like is that feel nice give me your sign if you love that I can do it again..We've got the rest of life to make it right....Oh yeah.

I don't know what to say when i've heard the news that Savage Garden spilt. First i was shocked but well It's true. NO reason to be so much sad...(but i'm sad T T )

Because Darren still keep on singing and Daniel keep on working in music ( He've got his music label--Meridian Musik.) And the first artist is Aneiki...i like their songs-you can check it out at

YUPPY i've listen to Darren new album,spin. What about you ? Do ya like it? See my opinion and Lyrics on spin
I Can't Ever Get Enough Of You
My Song is I Can't Ever Get Enough Of You.
What song are you? Take The Test

What can you find in this site?
Latest news of Darren ? No way....Okey i will tell you .... In "A thousand Words" ( Did you see It's up there) you can find Daniel ,Darren quote,poem and Love quote (very lovely) and Quote from movies and songs.
In "Universe" find all picture and art-works.(soon)
In "Promise" find songs,game and quiz.( coming soon )
In "Award" find career achievement of them and discrography

So and i want to tell you another one thing..picture that you see..when you move your mouse over it will change to be another image..but it's take a little time

I hope you enjoy...although my site don't have news or something you're finding but this is the things that I think I could do for Savage Garden...I started to do this site after i knew they spilt. i think it's not too late.

"I believe in Karma"
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This site belongs to eminy (that's me) and pictures in this
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except some that are the original pictures.
This site is not for commercial or have any profit.
For entertain only.
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Here i go again i promised myself i wouldn't think of you today.
But i'm standing at your doorway
I'm calling out your name because I can't move on.

I want to say "thank you" to sg. For make such a good music for this world :-o and make me happy whenever i hear their songs. They're cool,genis,funny and...( i'm running out of word )
and when Darren sing in concert. That's most great time that i saw Daz. He's a great entertainer.

What a pity! i didn't have chance to watch their concert. Yeah they had come to my country once. Just once( mycountry=Thailand ) that time i don't know anything much.. and i don't even know sg (How can it be! stupid kid) I'm 11 year-old. young girl...and a few year later I just realize what i've miss.
and now all i can do is watch from dvd. YOU ! if you have a chance to see sg's concert. YOU 're really lucky :]


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