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If you require any details of headstone inscriptions (if illegible ), we at Emerald Ancestry will travel    to the cemetery in question (N. Ireland Only)  and photograph the burial site and photograph a shot of the entire cemetery. We will also transcribe the  wording on the headstone. Then we will list any other   headstone or  burial site in the graveyard, that contains the same surname as your own ancestor that we are searching for in case there are other relatives in the same cemetery. 

We will need as much details as possible to insure a successful    investigation. So please click the form link  below and  fill in as many questions as possible. 


Costs for Graveyard Searches are as follows, with the transcribing, photographs and the surname search is UKú60 (US$90) per search, as well as UKú10 (US$15) bankers charge per transaction. All other currency is acceptable, but contact us via the email address below for the cost in your particular currency.  All results and photographs will be posted to your home address. Please allow 12 to 14 weeks to receive all results and photos.

Graveyard Form

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