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Hi, I'm Ed Davidoff.
I live in a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House

 This is a site devoted to my hobby of Beercan Collecting.

I am a member of the Australian Beer Can Collectors Association (#1813) and the Beer Can Collectors of America (#31113).

I started collecting beer cans in 1985, but only got serious about it in about 1994.

 My collection now has over 5500 cans from 98 countries.

I'm always looking for new people to trade with, so check out my site and contact me if you'd like to work out a trade.

You can always see images of the newest Australian cans at this site.

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Beercan Collecting

Here you can read about Australia's only Millennium can.

Coca Cola issued a series of ten special cans for the Sydney 2000 Olympics, featuring the three Olympic mascots performing in different sports. I don't collect Coke myself, but I have several sets to trade. If anybody wants one, let me know.

Here you can check out a few beercan collecting links.

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Some links to Australian beer pages (nothing to do with cans):

 The Great Aussie Beer Page
 The Unofficial CUB Page

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Some Other Interesting Links

Ron Wise's World Paper Money Homepage. This page features images of his collection of banknotes from all over the world.
How Stuff Works. How Stuff Works.
PostInfo. Links to the official post office pages of most of the countries of the world.
Encyclopedia of Monsters, Mythical Creatures and Fabulous Beasts. Just what it says.
The United States Mint 50 State Quarters Program. Details of the Mint's program to issue a different 25-cent piece for each of the 50 states.
Let's Split. I always thought that files too large to fit on a floppy disk, even when zipped, could not be backed-up on floppies, or moved between computers using floppies. Then I found out, while surfing the 'Net, that there are any number of programs available that will split files into smaller pieces. I tried a few, and Let's Split is the easiest to use, and it works. I recently moved a 10,000 kB file between computers by splitting it into 8 pieces, transferring using floppies, then reassembling the file in the new computer. It works!
World Statesmen Since 1760. A comprehensive list of leaders of the world from 1760 to 2000. And more - large maps, national anthems, flags, even texts of the constitutions of all (?) the countries of the world.

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E-Mail:  edavidof@bigfoot.com

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