12/13/04 God where do I start? I guess getting ready for Christmas. (BAH HUMBUG) nuff said bout that..
As President of Midwest Thunder Car Club I thought why not have our own domain name for a website. So I get it set up, and go in and try and build it (the key word is TRY) Whatta mess it is, the story is so long and boring I wont even try to go in and explain everything. But I do know if some changes arnt made with it soon Im gonna snap. Speaking of the car club, everything is pretty well planned for this next years event. We are just waiting on to see if the "Tourism Board" will give us money again this year.
I have talked about this for sometime and I finally did it. I built a bar (a bar meaning where people go and drink) in the trophy room of the house. It looks awesome (if you aske me) Honestly I didnt think I could do it as nice as I did. But I even amaze myself sometimes.
Updates on what Ive done to the car so far this winter. I took a bunch of parts off and sent them to the chrome shop. Im waiting to hear how much its gonna cost me. But these parts are ones that will definately help me out in the future. I also got a "hair up my ass" so to speak to flatten the floorboards inside. So yesterday I started that. I got one side done, and again I even amaze myself at what I can do. Actually it was alot easier than I thought it would be.
Well thats bout it around here... Happy reading Dori...

9/6/04 I know I havent been keeping up with this page, or the site for quite a while now. With everything I have endured the past few years my time is limited to certin things.
Let me try and play catch up now. The Midwest Thunder Benefit Car Show was awesome!! We had about 167 vehicles in the park on that day. I am still blown away by it. All I can say is you should of been there.. Words cant describe it literally.
I had to get a new transmission for my truck about a month ago. 1st, 3rd, reverse, and the torque converter went out of it. The truck only has 51tho miles on it too boot. Im not realy happy with the way Dodge treated me on this ordeal. But I got a better one than what they would of gave me Im sure.
Im sure there are 10 billion other things I should post on here, but my mind is mush right now, and I cant think of even one... So Im off to see if The Nationals are on tv yet... OUT

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