~Sugie's Beanie Baby's~

Having never ever collected anything before, I have finally found something worth collecting in my life. I started collecting Beanie Babies about 2 years ago or so, and after relentless searches, and driving for miles on end I have gathered quite a collection of them.

So here is my "lil corner" of the big world wide web, and my dedication to my Beanie Babies. With *SPECIAL THANKS TO* My Husband for putting up with my "hobby" and extra big thanks to my Son for putting up with it and making my "lil corner" for me.

Hope you enjoy your stay...

I also have Beanie's to sell so please feel free to e-mail me at Sugie@sandidge@fcg.net, For what I have and prices.

Just an update: I have another cabnet that I havent taken pics of yet, but as soon as I do ill post the pics.

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