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Daleken MUD is a new addition to the world of online text adventures. Here you play a character who lives in a medieval/ fanstasy world where anything is possible. Using all your skills you can complete quests and join fellow adventurers to slay dreadful monsters and save maidens in distress. How clichéd you say, well here we are attempting to recreate an environment where the game provides continual challenge and intricacies so sometimes you find that the beautiful maiden you saved from the dragon was really it's master, just before she slaughters you!


Magic and Adventure abound in a totally unique world. Join the game as a Warrior, Thief, Mage, Cleric or Martial Artist and advance through over 250 levels where your skills become increasingly tested. The game is easy to learn but as you increase in power don't expect it to become easier, there are always more challenges around the corner!

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