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Welcome to the LEGO City of Chris Fortier

The Seal of the LEGO City of Chris Fortier

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The Tour-Views, maps, and other accessories to view the city!

La Ville Search-Search the Internet using the official city search engine.

Chris Fortier-Meet him, the creator of the city.

To the world's finest online LEGO Golf Course

Play golf online at one of the world's finest internet courses.

FBT News- News from here and worldwide

LEGO-Fortier University-Receive your degree in LEGO Studies here.

The South's Premiere LEGO City!

This LEGO City is made of 40,000 bricks and growing. The LEGO City is divided into three levels, Antoine level (top), Pierre level (middle), and Lucette level (bottom). There are also suburbs 20 feet to the west of the downtown area and a sections abroad. Go to each page to see what is on each level. There is fun to be experienced, so enjoy and have fun!!!!!!

Check out the Downtown of the LEGO City of Chris Fortier

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To the Antoine Level

Home of Pioneer Field and the airport. After you fly in, come be amongst over 200,000 fans as you cheer the Pioneers on.

To the Pierre Level

This is where the Historic District and the Capitol Replica Library lie. Come see some history of the Lego people.

To the Lucette Level

Home of the M&M World Playhouse and the Interactive Mall of Lego City--You can actually shop there.

Check out the Outlying Areas of the LEGO City of Chris Fortier

To the Suburbs

The Suburbs are located 20 feet west of the downtown area. Home of LEGO-Fortier University, the FASA Spaceport, and X-treme Mountain.

To the LEGO Cities Abroad

See the neighborhoods outside the LEGO City of Chris Fortier.

To the City West

The City's far reaches include shopping, a quiet neighborhood, the high school, and a center for youth.

FBT Studio 3- Listen to the radio while surfing the city.

Club 245-The nightlife of the LEGO City of Chris Fortier.

The IMALCCF-Shop online at your favorite stores at this mall.

Awards-See the Awards this city has won.

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