Well, there's no way I could've made this site possible without the help of some great sites and people.

First of all, credits to Day Dream Graphics for providing me with the layout, and XImpulse for making it.

Thanks to for all the screenshots, is one of the best site for everything gaming.

Thanks to Gamefaqs for hosting all the great FFVII faqs, as well as all the other great faqs that it has.

Thanks to BTB for taking the time to write a great FFVII faq, and distributing it to the public for everyone to see.

Thanks to Creative Uncut for their great unedited high quality FF7 pics...I couldn't have done without them.

Thanks to Eternal Legend for their great limit break and weapons screenshots...I really really appreciate it

And most of all, thanks to Squaresoft for making such a great game so I could make a site

**This is the section where I would add credits to people who send in fanarts and fanfics and stuff...**

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