Come one, come all, come Greg fans! Welcome to my little webpage dedicated to Greg Buis. Yes,he was that crazy, sarong wearing, nature phone talking, show tune singing, entertainer that we all came to love. So if you like Greg, you're very bored, or you're just a fan of Survivor, enjoy your stay!
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"Mooka looka ping maw maw click click click!"
Hi there, if you are reading this, this is the DISCLAIMER!  I am not affiliated with CBS, Survivor or anything like that. I don't claim to be to Greg Buis, or even know Greg Buis personally. I am NOT his sister Julie. Some pictures on this site were taken from the official Survivor site at Please don't sue me! If I'm using one of your pictures by mistake, email me and i'll take them off or credit you. Thanks a million, ooga booga, Coconut Chick.
Update March 2002- With new Greg news scarce, I will still try to update the site. I have found a few new pictures and articles which I will add. I will also update links, since many are dead and gone. Thanks for coming!

Update Winter 200
1- Mooka looka ping ping maw maw model? Just when we thought dear Greg was going to disapear into the sunset...I read Greg signed a deal with Donald Trump's modelling agency. I even found some pictures. Though Survivor 2 had started, the orginal Survivors are still in the media. To see the modelling pics click here.

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