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Hi and welcome to the official website of the Canadian Misterism Posse(misterism as in Mr.T). For the uninitiated, this is a site dedicated to making hilarious and somewhat strange (somewhat as in very) sources of entertainment. We urge you to enjoy what we have provided for you here, and, above all, don't mess with the posse! If you don't like what's on this page, then by all means feel free to kiss our collective ^_^!

Our Feature Presentations

Angelina JolieMr. T vs. Angelina Jolie!

Incest queen Angelina Jolie is corrupting all the children in the local youth centre! Whaddya gonna do, T? "Throw her helluva far!" Jolie's husband Billy Bob Thornton lends his wife a hand, too. Is he enough to save her from T's wrath? Shall we even dignify that one with a response? Will you ever get sick of these Mr.T vs adventures? The answers to all of these questions and more are within.

EminemMr. T vs. Eminem!

Eminem... Slim Shady... Marshall Mathers... whatever his name is, he really sucks the big one. And it seems his music is so terrible that Mr. T has taken it upon himself to beat his ass, even worse than Dr. Dre does! But it seems the mother lovin' rap "artist" has several super-abilities, such as the power to draw preteen girls with sexist lyrics! Maybe Mr. T will let someone help him in the fight... (not that he NEEDS help, of course)

Sam and AlMr. T vs. Quantum Leap!

Quantum Leap... if a television show ever captured the minds of a generation, this wasn't it. But it was pretty neat, travelling through time, with cameos with such international superstars as Dr. Ruth and Chubby Checker. But when Sam leaps into Mr. T, it's more than either Sam or Al can handle. Will Dr. Sam Beckett leap, or just get thrown? See here!

Mario and LuigiMr.T vs. the Super Mario Bros. Super Show

We all love Mario and Luigi! Don't you? So does Mr. T. That's why when he turns on his TV and sees Captain Lou Albano dancing around dressed up like Mario, scaring the kids with his not funny jokes he knows there's only one thing to do. Bust up his show! Will Mr. T get the bumbling plumbers or will the elude him for the duration of their 5 minute segment and escape when the cartoon part comes on?

Destiny's ChildMr.T vs. Destiny's Child

What happens when you get a bunch of impetuent children running around? Well, we all know the answer to that question, but you also might get Destiny's Child. When one of the band members (the new one, let's say, just for fun) wears a shirt with Mr. T's face on it, you know he won't stand to be associated with such bad music! See how far they get thrown in this interesting escapade!

It's like an episode of Cheers... sort of...

CMP Commentary!!! Yes, we at the Posse have recorded commentary tracks for our Mr. T vs. adventures!!! They're all here! Go! Now!

Find out about current events, and whatever else Jake felt like writing this time!

Don't forget to check out all the old posse craziness at THE DARK ARCHIVE OF DEATH!!!

Penny for your thoughts, Ultraman


About the Posse

The Canadian Misterism Posse, or CMP, is comprised of two members... Justin and Jake.

Jake aka Sky

Fabulous Frontman
(click the pic to see some real pics of Jake)

Jake is the key cell artist(if artist is what you wish to call it) for the CMP. He does the cell work and a large portion of the writing for the CMP productions as well as the posse news section. Jake is also a singer/songwriter/guitarist who enjoys long walks on the beach and dancing the night away.

Justin aka Prince Mercury

Hail to the Prince
(Click the pic to see some real pics of Justin)

Justin is the main HTML man for the posse as well as the one who makes the storyboards for the productions. He also does a large portion of the writing. Those alts behind the pictures are his doing as well. He also does some cell work - you'll know it's one of his if the joke isn't funny, there's spelling errors and a lot of red marks all over... just joking, Justin is the nicest guy you will ever meet and is a true ladies man of the highest order, just ask any lady lucky enough to catch his eye. Justin obviously did not write his own bio.

You can reach Justin (the brains of the operation) at and reach Jake (the sexy bitch... of the operation?) at

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