Kaikan Phrase is about a mysterious guy named Sakuya Okouchi who worked in Hotel Century playing the piano. His voice was so beautiful and strong that it spellbounded everyone. Santa and Yuki, both from the band called "Climb", quitted when Santa found out that his girlfriend was dating another band member behind his back. He could not stand to be in the same band as her so he started his own band called "Lucifer, the fallen Angel". But how could he start a band with only two people? When Santa and Yuki found out about Sakuya, they fell in love with his voice. Santa and Yuki tried to persuade Sakuya to join the band, but he refused. He said he was very expensive. One day, Santa told Sakuya to go to a bar "The Cradle", and talk. By that time, Santa and Yuki had found another person, called Towa, to join the band. At the bar, Santa tricked Sakuya into going up the stage and performed with them. A high school student, Atsuro, who was at the bar fell in love with Sakuya’s voice and went on stage to play the guitar. Atsuro, was the fifth member to join "Lucifer". Sakuya, however did not admit how much he liked the band, saying that singing with the band was only a hobby and not a goal. Of course, who would believe that! As the story goes on, they became very popular. Sakuya soon met and started dating a beautiful girl named Aine Yukimura. And that’s not all!

The first time I bought the manga Sho-Comi (phonebook) was around late 1997. In the Sho-Comi, there were Kaikan Phrase, Ayashi no Ceres and Wanted, etc. At first I had no idea what Kaikan Phrase is about, and I thought the story was bad. I guess it was because I was more interested in Ayashi no Ceres than Kaikan phrase. But I still read Kaikan Phrase twice a month. As of today, the manga has COME TO AN END. When I first saw the Animation of Kaikan Phrase, I was shocked. Is this the same anime that I don't like? I have changed my mind, Kaikan Phrase is A VERY GOOD Anime, but not so for the Manga. It is because I can not read Japanese. Surprise!! I mean I took one year of Japanese, but my knowledge of Japanese is like a first grader. But I am good at understanding the story just from looking over the pictures. Yep, even though I can not read Japanese and understand what they are saying, I can still get the main idea. The pictures I have scanned are what I have collected over the years. I have no idea Kaikan Phrase will be this GOOD. I have threw out a lot of their pictures. Waaaaahhhhhh!! Now I am trying to find the pictures again and scan them.

One more thing, if you want to use some of the pictures that I have post up in this page, give me the credit for it because I have spent hours scanning the pictures and setting it up. I hope you will like this page.

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