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Welcome! This website is designed for mainly one purpose: The Harry Potter
Trading Card Game. When this TCG first came out it was a pretty big hit. Four
Expansion sets followed and things seemed to be going fairly well. But then
WotC stopped making this great game and it has since then came to a sudden
halt. I for one, along with many of my friends still love to play this game. I
have played it ever since it was first introduced and have amassed pretty much
all of the cards in all five sets. I have played this game online many times,
in person with many friends, and joined a WotC sponsored league at a local
GateKeeper store in my home town of Manhattan, KS. It is sad to see a good
game die out. Many sites that give out such good information on the HPTCG
have stopped updating their sites. Im mainly writing this site to keep up to
date information for those who are just starting the game, or others who like
an up to date site. This is all written in my spare time and it also gives me
something to do. I love this TCG and this site might bring some more people
to the game and I might meet some other diehard HPTCG fans out there.

Any suggestions or comments for the site? |


April 17th 2006: Chat Room is up! Now you can sign in and talk about Harry Potter
or try and organize some apprentice matches. Link to the chat room page is in the
menu under "communications". Also I wont have enough time to do CotW and TotW
so I will add more when I can but of course it wont be weekly. They are just
"Card Reviews" and "HP TCG Tips" respectively now. Have fun with the Chat Room!

April 16th 2006: So since I was bored at work I ended up getting the main page
and the menu how I wanted it. This site can now be viewed from 800x600 resolution
and up. I just aligned most of the text to the right so the menu wont cover it up.
Someone sent me a deck to fix way back in Sep. and I never got around to looking
at it but now hopefully I can so everyone can look forward to new content. Also
please feel free to email with anything HP and if you want it on the site I will
put it up. Any deck fixes, personal card/tip of the week, articles, tournament
reports, etc. Just email me anything so we can get some new content up :-).

April 16th 2006: If you are reading this then im very happy you continue to view this
site! I have recently thought that if I have enough spare time I might try and update
this site a little more and clean it up. Right now I am not happy with the menu and some
of the errors that having a smaller resolution will bring (graphics are off and such).
So hopefully sometime soon i can start slowly working this site back into a weekly
thing for me. Plus geocities is still hosting it so I might as well. I will try and keep
everyone updated as much as I can so you guys know if there will be new content or not.

October 31st 2004: Happy Halloween! Well This site has dropped on my list of things
to do obviously. I dont think I can keep up with it anymore. Besides not that many
people visit it anyways, just regulars. I will keep this site on the net for as long
as I can though for you all to enjoy, but I am not sure if it will be able to be updated
regularly like it did before. Sorry everyone...
If you would like though I can still be contacted at classicharrypotter@yahoo.com

July 2nd 2004: JK Rowling announced the title of her 6th book. It is going to
be called "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince." She gives a little info about
her sixth book on her official site here. A new "CotW"
and "TotW" are up. Have a happy 4th!

June 24th 2004: Added a comment/suggestion thread above. If you have a suggestion
or any comments for the site just post them above!

June 23rd 2004: New "CotW" and "TotW" are up. Also dont forget to add your
comments to the Decks submitted in the Deck Listing. Also you can add your own Tips
at the bottom of the "TotW" Section. Send in your decks for me to either tweak or
to be submitted on the Deck Listing page! Give me some work to do!

June 21st 2004: I added an email form to the "CotW" page and added a comment thread
to the one deck posted in the "Deck Listing" page and the "TotW" page. Any decklist
I recieve I will add a comment thread to it. So now its easier to be a guest reviewer
and also be able to post your comments about decks and submit your own tips. You still
will need to physically email me in any articles, deck lists, and tournament reports
because those have more restrictions and need much longer text boxes. Hope these
features help spread information on the site, I am really looking forward to seeing
how this goes!

June 20th 2004: The first deck posted is in under "Deck Listing". Hope you like it.
June 19th 2004: Are you going to Gen Con in Indy this year? If you live in the
area or are interested you should check it out and participate in the 3 scheduled Harry
Potter Tournaments. So far, there is only one person scheduled for these events.
If you would like information on Gen Con or if you want to sign up for one of the
tournaments go here. The tournament goes from August 19th through August 21st.

June 13th 2004: A new "CotW" and "TotW" are up. More helpful info!
June 12th 2004: The first tournament report is here. Take a look!
June 8th 2004: Added a "Deck Listings" page and an "Article" page. If you would
like to submit an article or one of your decks for others to see, just send me an
email and I will put it up asap. The more information on this page the better for all!
Both links are under the "HPTCG" category on the menu.

June 6th 2004: New "CotW" is up here. And here is a new "TofW". If you would
like to be a guest reviewer for any "Cotw's" please send me an email and I will
post it asap. Any articles or anything HP related you would like to add to the
site, dont hesitate to email me!

May 27th 2004: I am back in town now. Added the 2nd Deck Tweak finally. You can
see it here. New "CotW" and "TofW" are up for this week.

May 21st 2004: Sorry I havent been updating, Ive been pretty busy. I am leaving
to Manhattan to visit on Sunday so I wont be able to update for a few days. When I
get back I am planning on doing another deck fix that I recieved and havent gotten
around to, plus the new Card/Tip of the Week. See you guys when I get back!

May 18th 2004: More "Card of the Week" and "Tip of the Week", enjoy.
May 15th 2004: The first deck tweak is up! Here it is! Enjoy, and keep them coming!
May 14th 2004: I wrote up the CoS set Spoiler. Its right here. I wrote it
and it took hours so if you would like to use it for your own site, just email me.

May 13th 2004: Spoilers of each set is now up. Thanks to pojo.com for the links.
I am in the process of making a CoS spoiler list because wizards' link to it doesnt seem
to be working. But its only the CoS set and hopefully soon I should have that up to.
May 12th 2004: Added a viewer submitted links page under "Links". Anyone can post links
here. The more you guys add to the list, the more information that gets passed around.

May 11th 2004: Added some games and other misc stuff. All on the menu. Please try out
the messageboard. The link is under "Communication" and is also above the welcome message.

May 10th 2004: "Card of the Week" and "Tip of the Week" make their debut today. Enjoy!
May 10th 2004: Got internet access today. All "HPTCG" links are finally up and running.
May 3rd 2004: Messageboard link working again. Moving to a new place and I dont have
access to the internet there so I wont be able to update for about a week. When I get access back
I will pick up where I left off. Sorry guys.

May 2nd 2004: Added a guestbook, please sign it. It will help me see who is visiting the page.
It would be a good chance to get to know you. Also added a Messageboard, under the Menu.

May 1st 2004: Contact Page is up. More pages to be added as quick as I can get them up.
April 29th 2004: Card Lists are up and running.
April 27th 2004: The site is up and I am working to fit all the information together.

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