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Animated Gif Gallery
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August 16th, 2005. Ten gifs installed on the page so far ( 5 of them brand new )
Welcome to the latest addition of my "Batman Family" of animated gif galleries. As the site continues to grow, I find I need more space to host all the Batman related gifs.  This page will focus on Batgirl in all her incarnations past and present. The majority of these ( so far ) are of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. 
If you're a new visitor to my site, this page only hosts the "thumbnails" . To view any of the actual animated gifs,  just click on the thumb you wish to view.
Sliding Sown Bat-Pole         Drops into Action          New BG Flowing Cape                Batarang Throw      
      Morphing Costume                         3-D Rotating on Cycle                          New - Cape Fluttering
        60's Batgirl Morphs                    Batgirl Logo - Shifting Colors                    New - 60's Batgirl II
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