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Cute Little Tamahome Seishi Name: Tamahome
Real Name: Sou Kishuku
Home: Kounankokukoku
Birthdate: June 28th
Birthplace: Hakko Village, Juso prefecture in Kounankoku
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Age: 17
Bloodtype: O
Height: 180 cm
Hair Color: Black, but in the anime his haircolor appears to be dark aqua
Eye Color: Gold
Family: Father, 2 younger brothers (Chuei and Shunkei), and 2 younger sisters (Gyokuran and Yuiren)
Seishi Sign: On the forehead
Hobby: Making money
Tamahome Talent: Martial arts
Dream: To marry Miaka
Love: Miaka Yuuki (the priestess of Suzaku)
Loved By: Miaka
Occupation: He tries to do any kind of job to earn money
Appearance: Fushigi Yuugi
Original Character Design: Yuu Watase
His voice is done by: Hikaru Midorikawa

Tamahome is the main male character of Fushigi Yuugi. He rescued Miaka Yuuki (the priestess of Suzaku) when she first entered his world through the book called "The Four Gods of the Universe." Later he fell in love with Miaka, and he eventually found out that he's one of seven Suzaku seishi. His dream is to protect Miaka and to marry her after Miaka has summoned Suzaku.

Tamahome's main hobby seems to make as much money as possible. The only reason to that is because he has to support his family. His father is sick, and he has another 4 younger siblings to take care of. Tamahome is the role model of his siblings. He is caring and protective to both his family and Miaka. But sometimes he can act a little bit mischievous.

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