The Universal Life Church
   All Souls Society
Minister - The Reverend S. Abram
Welcome to the All Souls Society, a organisation devoted to supporting all of humanity through prayer, and thereby seeking God's grace and mercy in all things.  Our mission, one of prayer and spirituality, is one we seek to share with all christians.

The prayers we offer are generally for those in the Autumn of life, those who will meet their maker and finally for those who have gone to God, for these our Prayer is solace and sustenance.  We pray with all the Saints that have come and gone before us, especially with Our Lady, the Queen of Heaven.

Membership is open to all who hold faith in God and in Prayer.  Prayer requests, newsletters, articles and other information will be sent to members on a regular basis.

Chapel for the Departed
Chapel of the Sacred Mother
Prayers and Readings
Aquinan Order
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