To whom it may concern,

The information found in this brief essay summarize only a small portion of larger work currently in progress. Its contents give way to an evolution of the conscious mind and scientific progress as well as an elevation in religious thought. One should keep an open mind to these facts before simply disregarding them as coincidence or heresy.

To first make my point across, I should start with my earliest thought into these matters. It so happened that in the year of 1999, I was relaxing, one spring afternoon, listening to my music of choice, Hip Hop, and in attempt to write lyrics in rhyme form, I found myself not knowing what to write. I finally decided to take a religious approach to the matter and so picked up the Holy Bible (KJV) for further reference and first turned to the book of Revelation of Saint John the Divine. Upon reading it over again, I felt more prepared to write rhymes, but I became more interested in the way MC’s physically spoke on microphone. I remembered once being told that Hip Hop artists, as well as other vocal musicians and actors, emphasized the use of their larynx to make a clearer pronunciation of their words. It dawned on me that the larynx was not the only organ that could be used to make musical tones and notes. In the 2nd Chapter 23rd verse of Revelation, it is written that Christ is “he which searcheth the reins and hearts,…”, meaning that Christ judges men and women on the biological levels of the brain and heart and any other organ is unimportant. I considered this more as a written commandment than as a truth and I further tried to gain an understanding of what the prophecy was trying to communicate with me. How could the heart and mind be the only two organs of importance? How could one ignore the ailments and diseases that the human genome suffers every day? Where does procreation fit into this picture? How about sex? How does one speak, eat, breathe, see, move, walk, write, feel or hear? What about emotions and Love? Where was the logic in such a belief? I first considered the brain, because this organ is in fact “the central computer” of the body. Someone had once told me that the mind was the organ in which a person perceived reality and further gained awareness, leading me to conclude that the brain was a good tool for healing a person physically and mentally, meaning biologically and psychologically. Controlling one’s physical nature should be as easy as controlling thought. Now what of the heart, what function could it serve? The heart is constantly producing sound and motion in a space we call the body while circulating blood to the whole human being, it is the only organ to make noise or movement in the entire biological organism. Searching my own heart, I noticed that my pulse was not entirely where it originated from, I found it rubbing against my stomach and giving me a “nervous” feeling, as if it were mass producing excrements against my will. How could this be? How could the heart be working against me? There was no logical answer or time to complain. The only choice left was to live and learn. The heart beating against a person’s nerves causes a nervous reaction, if one were to control the “aquatic” motion of the heart one could find greater comfort, clearer thought and better reasoning. It occurred to me that following its movement during sexual intercourse could be more pleasurable, as well as longer lasting. Obesity, also came into mind. If the heart were constantly causing a vibration just above the stomach and intestines and below the mouth and brain, then it could be the cause for larger stomachs and developing fat. Cancer is a disease in which cells replicate themselves at a rapid rate causing a growth in specific areas of the body. Maybe the heart’s pulse is hitting a nerve causing cells to reproduce too quickly? A cure through sonic stabilization could balance out the disease. I also realized that concentrating on sound with my heart made for better vocals, a more relaxing experience to enjoying music and less of a distraction to noise. From that day forward I promised myself that I would only speak my rhymes with my heart and let go of any preconceived notions of the larynx, all the while teaching myself discipline and giving me an advantage in the Hip Hop culture. Walking, moving and speaking with the music became more of a meditation in the martial arts. In conclusion, the heart balanced the rest of my body and became more like a motor in conjunction with the mind.

Later did I realize that the body was more like a machine than I had once pictured it. I was observing my right hand and the lines of my palms, one day, and discovered that right underneath the opposite ring finger there appeared to be what looked like a Chinese or oriental symbol. Having read the story of the Monkey during one of my college courses, I remembered that at one point in the story, the Monkey was found standing on the right hand of the Buddha. As the story goes, the Monkey had been causing trouble in Heaven, claiming equality to that sacred place and created many problems to the caretakers of that dimension, much to the delight of the reader. Finally, the Buddha had been called to take of the comedic culprit. The Enlightened One challenged the Monkey, stating that if the could jump off of his right hand, then he could go free and have dominion over Heaven, but if he couldn’t then he was to become a prisoner. The Monkey, dumbfounded by such an easy challenge accepted and jumped. When he landed he found himself before “five pink pillars, sticking right up into the air.” Having met the challenge, the Monkey prepared to claim his prize, but not before leaving his mark to prove his victory. At the base of the central pillar, he wrote “The Great Sage Equal to Heaven reached this place”, furthermore, to show his disrespect, he urinated under the first pillar. Of course, once the Monkey returned to the Buddha’s hand he boasted having met the challenge and awaited his reward. The Buddha told him that he had never even left the palm of his hand. The Monkey became frustrated and told the Buddha to look for the mark he had left as proof. When the Buddha saw that the Monkey had written upon his middle finger and urinated between his index finger and thumb, he grabbed hold of the Monkey and imprisoned him for 500 years underneath a mountain. Recollecting this portion of the story into mind, I saw similarities between the book of Revelation and the story of the Monkey. I had stumbled across more wisdom, everything in my perception changed. I looked into my left hand underneath the ring finger and found a similar mark of an oriental character. Had the author written this wisdom to enlighten the reader or was there more to it than met the eye? Did other people have this understanding today or in the past? Could this be lost wisdom lingering in the dust of an ancient folktale? I was intrigued and looked more deeply at the lines of my palms… What I found amazed me. When I cupped my palms together and observed these the two marks in the left and right hand, they looked more like nipples on a person’s breastplate.  I thought about this logically. If a person’s torso was drawn in everyone’s hands, then why hadn’t I learned this in school, television or even in church. Where had this wisdom originated? Was this proof that man was created in the image of God? Was this a blueprint of the human body? Had Christ been aware of such a simple idea? Because I was curious of Christ’s passion I looked at the marks on the soles of my feet. I found the same thing. Christ had succumbed to the crucifix knowing the outcome of his fate. Had He had further wisdom of the pulsating heart it would be easy to resurrect a dead body just by reviving the beating and motion of the heart. Perhaps, Jesus had let Himself be pierced as a sort of acupuncture knowing that beyond death He could fill His heart and wounds with the light of God and thus reincarnate His dead body. In any case, I looked at the markings in my hand in different directions. I found further prints of my own torso:



Not only do these markings resemble a human torso, but also a human face, with the oriental markings acting as eyes. I continued to explore the possibilities of these facts. If one is familiar with the legend of King Arthur and the Grail and the current works of the Da Vinci Code or the Bible Code, you can also see the cup of Jesus:


With a little more imagination one can assume that this image of a cup is a menorah…

It was written that at the Last Supper, Jesus picked up bread and broke it into two and said unto His disciples: “Take, eat: this is my body.” and He then took a cup filled with wine and He said unto them: “This is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many.” (Mark 14:22, 14:24)

Whether or not this is proof of the Christ’s existence remains to be seen, but if these findings are not to be considered for religious use, please do not overlook its scientific values. Genetically, it is a fingerprint of the human genome, mathematically it has symmetry, electronically it has robotics. It could have many uses in helping those that are handicapped, amputated, obese, malnourished or are dying. This information must be used to help and educate people and not hurt the already delicate social imbalance we are facing as a planet today. In the armed forces, it could give a better workout regime for soldiers by building orderly muscles with a moral approach relative to each person’s religion. These markings also testify to many religions, not only the Christian one, but Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Native American, Judaism and aboriginal, as well as many studies of the humanities and meditation. If anything, this wisdom has great literary, historical and artistic value. The mind, the heart and the four corners of limbs of Christ represent the body and temple of God and should not be destroyed or manipulated.


If you have any further interest in my works, please feel free to contact me.

Thank You For Your Time,


Steven Pyle

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