We spent too few days in Rome. The minimum amount of time should be one week. You can't do the city justice in any less time. We stayed at the Hotel Rimini. It was very close to the Termini. After we got off our train from Nice, bam!..we were right there. That also put us right at the Metro and lots of bus lines. I would have put a link to the hotel's page, but the concierge, the one we delt with most, acted as if he couldn't be but so bothered with us. He also recommended the resturant next door. Bad, bad, bad suggestion.Not only was the service lousy, they charged us for bread we didn't ask for and $11.00 for a bottle of water! Given the fact that we were spending so little time in Rome, that left a bad aftertaste to my Roman experience. But don't get me wrong. The city is still beautiful. I will make a concerted effort to visit Rome again. I also want to see Florence, Venice, and Pompeii.

I tried to take photos of as many ruins as I could.But to be honest with you, there were way too many of them.You see, that's why I like Rome so much!!!

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The ForumPalatine Hill

The Pantheoninside the's oldest concrete dome

The Colossueminside the Colossuem

Arch of ConstantineTrevi Fountain

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