Champion du le Monde!!! MONOPRIX! MONOPRIX!

If you try to do France on a budget then you to will become quite familiar with Monoprix.

'Paris...the French edition of New York' -or- 'New York...Paris done American style (bigger and louder!)' Maybe it's because I'm a native New Yorker but Paris was only alright.It was almost as if we hadn't left New York. On the plus side, if I ever decide to expatriate, I know where to go to feel right at home. That whole French rudeness thing is nothing but hype. Considering that I am a New Yorker thru and thru I may not really understand the concept of rudeness. We may have caught them on their best behavior since we visited Paris just after the World Cup. They were definitely in a good mood after they won that thing.

Frejus on the other hand was beautiful. The best time I had in France was the road trip to Frejus, the three days there, and the drive to Nice. Note: When traveling abroad, make sure you get away from major cities for at least a little while. You'll enjoy yourself so much more. I did take pictures while in Frejus but they're missing due to the ever so sucky Konica Picture Show. Anyway.....

Here are some photos from France. And if you were wondering, the music is by Björk. (Click to Order)

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The River SeineThe Louvre

Arc de TriompheNotre Dame

The Latin Quater

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