A tribute to the English Rose
~For Angelina Rabbiut, from your loving husband Bryer~

What is this fair sight that mine eyes behold,  but a rose fallen from the very bossom of heaven onto my lap.  For allas if this was my last night upon this paradise I would spend it in the arms, of a Goddess that would make even the mighty Aphrodite, blaze with envy.  For this night let two souls join as one and soar higher than the mighty majestic eagle.  Let the stars proclaim our love.  For  this night two souls, born under the same moon, but of different house shall join as one.  Let mine strenght be thy strenght, let mine love  be thy love.  For a rose known by anyother name would still smell as sweet.  Let our two hearts join as one as we soar past the heavenly stars.  Let our love be as a soft spring rain, bring new life back to a barren cold earth.  For when I stare unto thine eyes, I see the sun, the moon and the stars.  For you are the Alpha and I am the Omega.  You are the Begining and I am the End.  Let a thousand suns come into being and fade out before our love for each other ends.  For onto you the Spring is eternal.  Oh sweet mother of the morning star. Fair Goddess come to earth, let me hold they unto me and craddle thine head to thy bossom.  Let us soar as one past the heavenly angles and make them weep not of sorrow but of joy.

                ~Bryer William Rabbiut~
Angelina Rabbiut
On Ward to the Shrine of the Rose
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