The Prophesy
Slowly you find yoursewlf walking down a path in the woods.  "Welcome,do come have a seat by the fire" a voice that comes of no where tells you.  "And I shall tell you something.  For you have come to oracle".  Unsure of yourself you sit down next to the fire, as you do you look around trying to find the location of the voice, but to no avail you find nothing. 

"Lore of long ago tells of a golden age, when humans and animals where one with nature.

Then with out warning a horrible  catasphore seperated, humans's intellect from animal's instinct. 

For eons the order of the universe was turned to chaos. 

But legend speaks of a time when the chasm shall close. 

  A future where man and beast become one...for when man and beast are one once more a great evil shall rise and begin to rape and pillage the land.  

  Destroying the weak and the innocent, Destroying all that ispure and  holy. 

  Only those born of pure of heart shall be be able to stand aginst the evil...A Savior shall be born of man and beast as shall a Hero.

  For the Savior shall look as he is the dark one but in the darkest hour the Savior shall shine as a beacon of hope, light, strenght, and purity.

  The Hero shall have a dark past but shall fight and defeat his past with the love of family.  The Hero shall fall to the Savior's hand only to be reborn agin, not of the waters of life, but cold and ice.

  Many trials and tribulations shall befall the Hero.  For when he thinks that he has found peace at last he will be called back.  For only when the evil one is banished for good, then when the Hero find rest.

  The Savior though strong he may be will not be strong enough with out the Hero at his side.  For the Hero has traveled the lands of the shades and knows things that the Savior does not.  As does the Savior call upon forces that the Hero knows not of.

  For it has been written in the stars by the ancients that Savior and Hero shall stand side by side, on the battle field with knights that hold flaming weapons."

As you listen you continue to look for the sound of the voice but you can not find anything.  Slowly you feel something depart the area.  Slowly you shudder realizing that you have been in the comapany of shades.
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