The Orginal Bad Boy Rabbit
He is the orginal bad boy rabbit of Ayanee.  His name is Bryer William Rabbiut.  You either love him or want him dead, for there is no middle ground with Bryer.
Name:  Bryer William Rabbiut
Age:  31
Height:  6 foot 3 inches
Weight:  212 pounds
Fur Color:  Light Brown
Species:  Jack Rabbit
Dress Style:  Major's uniform of the United Anthro Federation Armed Forces, when on shore leave, all black including the infamouse Black Leather Duster
Weapons:  M 16 A-1, Sawed off Street Sweeper, Grenades, Playing Card Shurikens (Trade Mark Weapon), customized staves, throwing knives, what ever he can get his hands on be it a table leg, a chair or a bottle, brass knuckles, sonic grenades
Fighting Styles: Judo, Kung Fu, Street Fighting, and Bar Room Brawling
Favorite Sayings:  Time to raise a little hell rabbit style, There is always some dumb mudda fucka that trys to ice skate up a hill, plays with fire, and kicks sleeping dogs, well I am about to go medieval, old and new testament on yo ass foo.
Relatives: he does not know his mother and his father is deceased, Katy (Adopted Daughter), and Titan (Adopted Son) and Ten Children of his own.  He has recently met up with his Brother Flint.
Marrage Plans: Married Angalina Douglas on 6/28/01


Born in Gainsville, Florida he was was seperated from his mother when his parents divorced.  He was taken to Tokyo by his father and roamed the streets.  When he was eight years old he was taken in by a friend of his father's, There he learned the art of the shadow assasin, as well as Kung Fu and Judo.  Later While was praying he dozed off only tio wake and find himself in a strange land.  He has sat about making a home for himself in this land and has made many friends and foes alike.  He later asked Angelina to marry him and then joined the
United Anthro Federation, that was founded by General George W Patton.  He joined the armed forces and slowly climbed his way up the ladder to the rank of Major.  He resides in Sector 5 sub sector D in Federation City in a modest 7 bed room house.  Bryer has also recieved the gift of immortality (High Lander Style) from Djinn when he wished for it.  So know he is an immortal anthro jack rabbit.  He has recently been part of Project 13 a classified millitary operation.  Bryer sacraficed his life by giving his head to Lobo Kinshu.  He did it in order sto stop the plauge that has become known as Shenlong.  Later witht he help of Lobo, and his mentor Pontius Agustus Pilate, Bryer was brought back to the land of the living with an ancient serum, derived from plants.  The serum grants eternal life.  If the one that has taken the serum is sealed in a lightless tomb or room then they will go into a death like sleep.  After being revived and taken from the cryo tanks where his body was placed, the tank had a strange effect on him.  He can only have physical contact with a person for only an hour and half at a time.  If he exceeds the time limit he will begin to drain them of their warmth.  For the cryo tank has turned him to a Thermal Vampire.  He wears a device that allows him contact for an hour and half and then he has to recharge it for three hours in the sun.  The device was made by Joe Nightmoon for him.
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Bryer Rants
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Rabbit Run Resturant, Inn, and Bar
The Rabbiut Family
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Bryer's Furry Code:
FLJc3amrw A- C D H- !P R+++ T+++ W Z Sm++ RLCT/L  a clnw++++$ d e++ f++++ h++++ iwf+++ j--- p+++ sm-
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