February 12, 2002 - Happy Chinese New Year!!! Welcome to the Year of the Horse!! Tonight was the night that Doug finally told me whether we would be adding a son or a daughter to our family. At our Chinese New Year Celebration dinner, he told me...we would be adding a beautiful, baby BOY to our family!! I was so excited as I know Kaitlynn (from Yunmeng, Hubei, China) will make a great BIG sister! Her brother will be from South Korea and we plan to turn in our application and get things started by the end of the month!

The process for Korea is much shorter than China. Our son will hopefully be in our arms forever by Christmas!! What a wonderful holiday this is going to be! You can follow our journey here! So..stay tuned!

February 15, 2002 - I spoke with Lynette at our agency (AAC in Loveland, CO) this morning to verify what the wait times are for a baby boy. She stated that from the time they receive our formal application (we will be mailing our preliminary application on Monday) to referral is 3 - 4 months! Then our son will travel approximately 3 months after we accept his referral. We are guessing we will have our referral by July and he will be home by October/November THIS YEAR! WOW! We are so very excited and know we have a lot to do in the next 7 - 8 months. We are happy nonetheless and thrilled that we will be adding a baby boy to our family!! Kaitlynn did so well with her cousin Jack when he was out here in December (he was 7 months old then) that we know she will do wonderfully with her new baby brother. I also know she will be a big help too! Now don't get me wrong, I also know there will be some major jealousy and typical sibling stuff too but isn't that what kids are all about?

February 19, 2002 - It's official! Our application for our son is in the mail to our agency!! Now we just wait to get the packet with all the paperwork in it to get started again! We are so excited! Thank you to all of our friends and family who have sent us emails and called to congratulate us! We are so glad to include you in this journey to our son! Stay tuned!

February 21, 2002 - AAC called today and let us know they received our pre-application and they will be mailing out our packet of forms and such TODAY! We will also be meeting with the owner of AAC on March 9th at their monthly potluck. The owner, Kim, was very nice and knew exactly who we were when I called her back. That made me feel very comfortable with them as they obviously take their clients to heart. She knew all about Kaitlynn too. I am so looking forward to getting the paperwork going! We are working on names and finally have it down to 7!!! We will let you know when we decide!

February 26, 2002 - Our formal application and homestudy fees were FEDEX'd to AAC TODAY!! Once they receive them, we will officially be on the waiting list for our SON! We are so excited! We should hear tomorrow..MY BIRTHDAY!! Yeah! I'll let you all know!

February 27, 2002 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! AAC received our application at 10 AM this morning and we are now #12 on the list to adopt a baby BOY! YIPPEEE!! YAHOO! She said we should have our referral in 3-5 months! So, sometime between the end of May and the end of July!! So incredibly happy and excited!! What a great birthday gift!!!

February 28, 2002 - WE HAVE A NAME FOR OUR SON!! Doug and I had a great day yesterday together and I finally asked him, when we were out for desert, what we were going to name our son. We had been going back and forth and back and forth on names and finally have decided on Ian!! We will give him a Korean middle name that will be determined when we get our referral! Just had to share with everyone! Our son now has a name!!

March 4, 2002 - We FedEx'd our application to the INS today! HOORAY! Now we wait for a fingerprint appt. Doug also faxed our insurance verification letter over. We are finishing up our biography's and tomorrow I'll go and drop our medical forms off to be signed. We are also happy to say we are now at least #11 in line for a boy as our friends Karen and Dan were referred a beautiful baby BOY today!! Congratulations to Karen and Dan!! I don't know how many referrals came in, so I will wait a week before asking how far up the list we have moved!

March 5, 2002 - We got all of our paperwork DONE for Ian's adoption!! We got our medical papers back today (after me arguing with our doc's office as they were dragging their feet in doing them), we got the medical form back from Kaitlynn's pediatrician (easy as pie to get!), we did our financial statement, got our employment letters and finished our biographies! All of this is going up to AAC tomorrow via FEDEX! Yeah! Now we just wait on our INS fingerprint appt., start our parenting classes on the 19th and then wait for our home study to begin! This was WAY less paperwork than what we had to do for Kaitlynn. I don't know what I am going to do when I am not chasing some paper around the state!

March 6, 2002 - The FEDEX package is on it's way up to AAC!! I also emailed them and asked where we are on the waiting list and we are now NUMBER 9!!! Yippee!! If they keep getting 3 referrals a month, we should have our referral by the end of June! WOW! We have A LOT to do between now and then! I hope to get started on Ian's room this weekend. We bought Kaitlynn her big girl bedroom set (it's so cute!) and are waiting for the mattress to come in on Thursday so we can take the crib down and move it. Then I'll go and buy the border for Ian's room and take that down to match paint to it. I'll take photos along the way!

March 9, 2002 - Today was AAC's Denver potluck for the families. We were able to spend a half an hour with the owner and went over the program with her. This was technically our "pre-signing on" meeting, but because Doug and I both work all day, we didn't get to meet her until Saturday when we had most of our paperwork already in. :-) She was very nice and we went away very glad that we signed on in the first place. The potluck itself was a lot of fun! We finally got to meet Karen and Dan and Tammy and Jim that we knew from email. We got to see Karen and Dan's photos of their son to be and he is so adorable! Tammy and Jim are waiting on a little girl and should have their referral by the end of the year. Everyone there was very, very nice and we met a few couples who were adopting through AAC's China program. So, we told them about our trip to China and they got their baby fix from being with Kaitlynn. Kaitlynn had a ball playing with all the other kids and it was so neat to see her having so much fun. Doug and I had fun seeing all the baby boys and wondering what our son would look like! The boys are so cute and I am now very anxious to get our son's referral! After the potluck, we came home and put Kaitlynn down for a nap and began the process of cleaning out rooms to make room for Ian's stuff. We found some old photos of our friends from many years ago and also found photos of us when we were dating. It was like a trip down memory lane. After we cleaned out the office closet, Doug went down and finally got Kaitlynn's mattress. When he got home, we put together Kaitlynn's big girl bed and now her room is complete! We took down the crib and moved it into Ian's room and moved Kaitlynn's old dresser in there too. It is so weird to see the crib mattress set at it's highest level! Kaitlynn absolutely LOVES her new big girl bed and ladybug bedding! She actually looks forward to going to sleep at night! Wonders never cease!

March 10, 2002 - Today we spent running around getting errands done. We bought the border for Ian's room and now I can go over to Ace Hardware or Home Depot and get paint to match. I plan to do that this week and then get started painting his room next weekend. I also finished taking photos of our house to send to AAC and will FEDEX them our last package tomorrow that contains the photos and our last 3 years tax returns! Now we wait to hear from the INS to get our fingerprints done there and then we head down to our local sheriff's office to get fingerprinted there as well. We are basically done with the paperwork that we have control over. We now just wait for everyone else to get their act together so we can get our fingerprints done. Our social worker should be contacting us this week to start our home study and we have our first parenting classes on the 19th. I'll keep you posted as always!

March 12, 2002 - We got our fingerprint appointment letter from the INS today! YEAH! We can go any Thursday or Friday. We called the Sheriff's office and they only do them on T, W and Th so Thursday we are off to get our fingerprints done! I am happy that the turn around with the INS was so fast. We only put in our application on the 5th! 

March 14, 2002 - AAC received our package. Now everything we have control over is done! Today we went to the INS and got our fingerprints done. They use the new electronic fingerprinting so the prints clear in 10 minutes! Yeah! We were in and out of there in less than 30 minutes. SOOO nice! We then headed down to Douglas County Sheriff to have our fingerprints done there for CBI. They also used the electronic fingerprint machine and then just printed them out onto our fingerprint card. We will mail this to CBI tomorrow. We bought the paint for Ian's room and began working on some new shelving for the office. It was a busy, but productive day, despite the snow and cold! We are one step closer to Ian! We start our parenting classes on Tuesday and have been told that the Social Worker teaching the class is also the same SW that will do our home study so we hope to set up that appt Tuesday night. :-)

March 17, 2002 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!! We got a call from our social worker today and our first home study is THIS WEDNESDAY! Yeah! It turns out our SW is not the same one teaching our class so it was a good thing she called BEFORE the class started! LOL! She seems nice though and it turns out that she also works for CCAI (our China adoption agency) and is the social worker for our friend's the Vaughns! Small world! I already have a call into Rhonda to find out how our social worker is. :-) Our parenting classes start on Tuesday and then with our home study on Wednesday, I'll wait to update the site Wednesday night!

March 20, 2002 - Well, our first parenting class and our first homestudy visit is complete! The parenting class was LONG! 4 hours of stuff we really already knew! We spent a lot of time teaching the class as the social worker kept asking us for information. That made it worth while though. At least we were able to be there with our story for those that were waiting on their very first child. I remember all too well relying on those experienced parents when we were waiting for Kaitlynn. It was nice to give something back. Today's home study went really well. Our social worker was very nice and knew we had been through this already so the visit was only an hour. Yeah! Doug's visit alone is this weekend and my visit alone is April 1st. After that we will be done with our home study! Yeah! She will get to meet Kaitlynn on April 1st and will also do the walk through our house then. After that point we will have our last 2 classes and we will be done! We are closer yet to IAN! We are hoping for a referral around the beginning of June! Yeah!

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