These stories are written for and are meant to be read by adults who enjoy discipline fiction. If you're under the age of consent or find the idea of corporal punishment and discipline scenarios between consenting adult males objectionable, please exit now.
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Discipline Relationship Stories by Tris

Paul & Hunter

Makes You HappyIf It Makes You Happy
Shark on a stick

Dane:The FairDane:The Fair

Dane:Pixie and HermitDane:Pixie and Hermit

Dane:Thanksgiving Day><font size=Dane:Thanksgiving Day

Dane:Season's Change><font size=Dane:Season's Change

Dane:Present Peeker Exraordinaire><font size=Dane:Present Peeker ExraordinaireNEW

  Vincent and Gage

Vincent's TaleVincent's Tale: Destiny

Gage's TaleGage's Tale: Escape

Vincent's Tale:Unexpected ChangeVincent's Tale:Unexpected Change



Clyde, Jackson & Mitch

A family of SortsA family of Sorts
  Philip and Trey

What Am I Going to Do With YouWhat Am I Going to Do With You

  Jeff and Reed

Dreamswept part 2Dreamswept part 2
  Jacob and C.J. img align=

Living After The EndLiving After The End

  Jake and Ari
Jake and Ari
The Shaman's SpellThe Shaman's Spell

All links are for M/M discipline/partnership fiction sites unless otherwise noted.

The Secret Place
Original characters

Bosephus'story site
Original characters

Elizabeth Marshall Stories
Original characters, XFiles fan fiction

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