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Redd Bear is here to help you discover and walk a gentle Path. With the help of AnimalSpirit Energy and FullSpectrum Theology he will guide you to joy and fulfillment along  your Journey.

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IHey! Redd Bear, what do you make of all this?
Dear  Scout,

Walk Gently,

Redd Bear
Dear Redd Bear,

I am not exactly sure who my animal guides are. I am both frightened and fascinated by bears. I have been semi-obsessed with black bears since childhood. While backpacking the High Peaks, I tried to avoid bears as much as possible. They DO scare me.
Seals have captivated me since watching a movie and my grandmother had a painting of sea lions I was fascinated by.
After viewing 'Day of the Dolphin' I was incredibly moved and disturbed by the treatment of dolphins. This emotion stayed with me for months.
I saw a great Snow Owl once while in the midst of prayer. The odd thing though was he was not in the wild.
I once held and was taken with a 10-month old racoon who liked to play with my long hair. I was amazed at how human like their hands were. Red fox, turtles and gold fish.
Oh, and when I was 4yrs. old I raced ants.
What do you make of this?

Thank you,
in the NorthEast
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