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All artwork displayed here is © to Oscar Yañez "Blaze". All rights reserved.  2003


Cp&Muse.jpg (169556 bytes)

Cp & Muse, take 2

An gifth for my favourite couple..... pencil, prismas, ink, & photoshop


Blaze-study.jpg (168925 bytes)

Blaze´s char sheet

This came from the urge that i had of find my true measures..... lol.. theres a last measure dont showed here.. but, is too big!! *giggles*            pencil, ink, photoshop


kanners.jpg (128950 bytes)


A pic  trade with Orca´s sis & mine.. the gray burd Kanne......... pencil, ink prismas


Nauta_blaze.jpg (236081 bytes)


A gifth for a new friend, the gryphdolpiness Nauta, pregnant here.. pencil, ink & prismas


youdontunderstand.jpg (240299 bytes)

You dont understand

Old pic.. i dunno why i didnt uploaded it.... this came from a time when fareme was too feeling down... my sis, im here to support you..... pencil, ink, prismas... blackground is pothoshoped


Tarin_group.jpg (193557 bytes)

Tarin´s group

A request from sandwalker... they are hir chars of a series of stories... In front: laying on grass, Tarin;  in midle, the gray one is Soria, Gregin´s sister... the yelow in the right is Gregin, Tarin´s lover... in the back, the redish is Halen and the dark brown is Prosen


bodyguard.jpg (215479 bytes)

The bodyguard

   just a gift for my fav couple...   is my new job of protect CP & Muse... as i can do.... but is some kind of anouncement or add....

pencil.. pothoshop...


fareme_sunshine.jpg (116491 bytes)

Fareme`s sunshine

A birthday gift for my foxie sis.... pencil, ink, prismas & ptoshop


darkness.jpg (184457 bytes)

Darkness pic trade

A pic trade with my new sis...pencil, prismas, ink.. blackground is potoshoped


makaar.jpg (104984 bytes)


Or so i think is this... "thing"... as i never seen one, even in books...  

whole in potoshop, sketch in pencil....


iwillneverleftyou.jpg (101568 bytes)

I will never left you

For my new bro/sis.. whe shy was really feeling down...i will never left you, and you know it.. *hugs & nuzzles*     pencil, prismas, ink


skan.jpg (160630 bytes)

White Skan

After read Merces Lackey`s Mage wars.... i become adicted to such books..... ok, this is Skan, in thesecond book, in his white phase

  only pencil


lux-eclipse-xxx.jpg (190612 bytes)

Lux-eclipse xxx

Just a joke with them... they wanted an X-pic ..and i dre it... thats why they are so .. scared... but you cant see it.. so dont look closer tothis pic....*gryns*  ..ill post the pic on the adult section soon....   pencil, ink, potoshop


Aura.jpg (181539 bytes)

Aurora Starwing

A pic trade.... still waiting my part.... pencil, ink, potoshop...

kanne_angry.jpg (142414 bytes)

Angry Kanners

She wanted an angry pic to make an new LJ icon... and here is.....

pencil, ink, prismas, blackground made with potoshop


caly.jpg (99311 bytes)

Caly`s upset

..another pic of my art proyect...Caly wanted an angst angry Caly...

Pencil, ink, prismas, blackground is pothoshoped


kaa.jpg (147529 bytes)

Kaaryn hermafrodite bro/sis.... i miss you.... Shi is passing trought hir most hard moment of hir life.... pencil, prismas, ink, blackground ,is obiously potoshoped...

orca.jpg (55371 bytes)


..Another pic, art of my huge art proyect...orca on a beach.... pencil, & potoshop...


darkness-Bday.jpg (91551 bytes)

Darkness bday pic

... a gift for my friens, whose hatch day was the 5th of may.... HAPPY HATCH DAY!!

  pencil, ink, potoshop


tagar.jpg (67524 bytes)

Tagar b-day pic

another hatchday... this time is Tagar, Nambroth`s mate..... pencil, ink , potoshop


gryph-group.jpg (392787 bytes)

The group revealed

yep... they are ... the ever famous gropu of gay gryphons that appear on my adult gallery ... Prosen, the dark brown, halen, the brown-redish.. Tarin, the light browned with black spots, and finally, Gregin, the yellowed...    they came from an series of stories that Sandwalker is writing... (you should be 17+ to read that stories...)


missing_kaa.psd.jpg (89751 bytes)

Missing kaaryn

... shi is gone..... hir parents are so evil... letting hir without net acces.... i miss you, kaa... a lot...   pencil, ink, pothosop



All artwork displayed here is © to Oscar Yañez "Blaze". All rights reserved.  2003

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