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All artwork displayed here is © to Oscar Yañez "Blaze". All rights reserved.  2002

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doo_small.jpg (1415 bytes)

mind paranoids

More mind paranids about ma past among the humans..... hint: dont get too close to the lab, they can  hurt  you there!  Only pencil

Fareme.jpg (81208 bytes)

Fareme`s portrait

And this is for our foxie-butt...... whe he was down because the "hooman" who stealed and altered his work....... well, in reallity i was done before tath .....  pencil, and prismas

maggock.jpg (56841 bytes)

The purple wonder

For a friend who alwais is out there for hear me and confort me..... tankooo for all. Pencil amd prismas


happy_blaze.jpg (44419 bytes)

Some times im too happpy

Yes, me again... but this time in perspective!!!   happines is a good thing.... pencil, prismas and ink


mom.jpg (67804 bytes)

Mother`s day gifth

Done for my mom.... for her day... only pencil


wedding.jpg (53277 bytes)

Weeding pie

Lol!!! this one is too funny!!  Blaze(me) is alsmot droping th weeding pie over Maggock(the purple gryphoness) and Hosea(the spoted dragon).... they sayd that this pic maked them laugh a lot... uff!!! it was nearby.... pencil, ink, prismas


dark.jpg (47445 bytes)


A pictrade with Darkflame Lupinus...a guilder(is a she)... pencil, prismas and ink


nam1.jpg (91311 bytes)

Nambroth, again

I had a dream.... Nam was standing overa big rocky hill, prepared to hunt... then i wakwe up, and inmediatly i make the sketch of this pic... pencil, prismas and ink.... the blackgrund is made with phothoshop....


likeshine.jpg (84309 bytes)


`Nother pic trade.... this gtime was  Likeshine, a newbye gryphoness.... pencil, inka and prismas... blackground: photoshop....


MuffinsVSsockpupets.jpg (100396 bytes)

Killer Muffins VS Rabid Sock Puppets

The Art War continues.... Killer Muffins have fighted lotsa times aginst the Rabid Sock Pupets... but now  is the final encounter!!! pencil, ink, prismas...


friendship.jpg (95080 bytes)


For a friend, and a sister, for Fareme, one of theose guilders who understand me.... i dont forgot you...  original was pencil and inked, then, photoshoped for the colors


comick.jpg (128423 bytes)

Comick thing....

Lol!! i love this one!!   Never call chocobo to certain phoenix... really, it can hurt you... pencil , ink and prismas


lux&eclipse.JPG (97390 bytes)

Lux & Eclipse

Other couple of lovers... Illucian(the female Ludrakoni) and Eclipse(our bibliophile gryph)... pencil and inked... then pasted to photoshop for color it...


CP copy.JPG (88239 bytes)

Cp & Muse

And last of taday.... Cp(the female phoenix) and his m,ate Muse( the blue gryph)... i had to make them a gifth.. so, i did this.... pencil, ink and prismas... muse was added after do Cp... i had to photoshop it....


blaze_flamer.jpg (68626 bytes)

Blaze´s flamer

Lol!! a pic of me welding my flametrower... (in RL i have it too)..pencil, prismas, ink 0,1


eclipse.JPG (83852 bytes)

Eclipse´s portrait

A pic for our birtday gifth .....second attemp on photoshop...


group_colored.jpg (168590 bytes)

Group portrait

lol.. this one has the record of "most gulders simultaneous in a pic"!! Diana, Fareme, Sparhawk, Illucian, Orca, Eclipse,Blaze, Aubrey, Hosea, Acyd CP, Muse & Caly... pencil, prismas & ink


Homesong.jpg (161124 bytes)

Homefront pic

Based on Muse´s Rp "homefront", and on the group "Yes", song Homeworld..(watha a coincidence...) i did this pic for my favourite couple....pencil, prismas & ink. Lirics are © to YES...


muse_birtday.JPG (104835 bytes)

Muse´s birtday

A gifth for the "big yelow sis" mate... he is very kind, so i decided to make this for he.. pencil, prismas, ink 0,1 , blackground is photoshoped


Phoenix glory.jpg (133622 bytes)

Phoenix glory

A pic based on a chatedral window... supposedly, that phoenix is CP... only pencil


ruleroftheworld.jpg (135960 bytes)

Ruler of the world

another pic that came from the crazynes of the guild.... most of the guilders plans to rule the world... so, i anticipated the acts.... pencil, prismas, ink 0,1 & blackground photoshoped...


syris_face.jpg (83328 bytes)

Syris portrait

A gifth for Syris.. she has done a great contribution to the guild... so, she earned it... pencil, prismas, ink, photoshop


tyr_birtday_2k2.jpg (98138 bytes)

Tyr´s birtday 2k2

a funni pic for my sis Tyrr... for her birthday... pencil, prismas, ink & blackground is photoshop...


Syristrade.jpg (94546 bytes)

Syris trade

An pic trade with she... not much to say... pencil, prismas, ink, & photoshop

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All artwork displayed here is © to Oscar Yañez "Blaze". All rights reserved.  2002

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