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All artwork displayed here is © to Oscar Yañez "Blaze". All rights reserved.  2002

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Blaze.jpg (55411 bytes)
!!! It's me!!!
And think that i couldn't draw with paint...
Well,all of this started one day that i was on internet, when of causality, i found the Guild. Soon i heard that for enter, i must be like them, so i put me to work, and this is the result (after some failed experiments). The original pic is made with pencils and colored  with the Windows Paint.

blazes 2.jpg (93413 bytes)
Sketches of me

i cannot see anything, it is better at the big pic

And i  made this it when i was searching how i can be ,so i started to draw me on differents postures. You can  see the original of the upper pic here. Made with pencils on a bored school morning.  Also you  can  see the detail of the watch on the front-left talon, and the label "T-1" on both ears.

boceto.jpg (169640 bytes)
Mountain´s guard
I supposed that this gryph was me, but now it isn't it
And searching the manner of draw me, i finished creating this composition. On a beginning, this griffin was me, but i decided that it cannot be, so he isn't me, it is a random gryph. Made with pencils, colored with Alpinos, and the sky is made with Paint

cara blaze.jpg (53213 bytes)

This face remember me to someone

Made in a bored morning in the school

For use the Ezboard of the Guild  i need to made a head portrait of me, .... and i begin to draw!. Wath expression of angry that i have!!!!. Made with pencil, colored with Alpinos. Here you can see better the ear label.

Calypte_coloured-pencils.jpg (60927 bytes)

Calypte, colored wit Alpinos

This was an a commission  of a"guilder"

One day, when i was talking on the IRC chanel #Gryphonguild, i found Calypte, and i asked if she wants to make a Pic Trade . Jejeje, I got work to do, and Caly were making anther pic for me... so i put all claws in the desk!!. Made with pencil, colored with Alpinos, and inked with  Pilot 0,5. It only take me 2 days to made it.

Calypte-Blaze.jpg (59339 bytes)

Calypte, computer colored

And this was a birthday gift for Caly

And lurking one day in the Ezboard, i hear that Caly´s birthday was some days ago, and say: -Why don´t i make a present for she?? Well, the pic is the same, but this is computer colored, and now it have the other wing (it isn´t in the other pic) 

Nightstrike-Blaze.jpg (80712 bytes)


I supposed that this was  a pic trade but.....

One day i begin to draw random guilders, and i made this.  It was too easy, and only i spend 2 days at school,and was finished. Made with pencil, colored with Alpinos, and inked with Pilot 0,5. Now i wait for if she ask to me to make a pic trade.....

nhaar1.jpg (47743 bytes)

Nhaar, The strange gryph

And this one came to me one day saying that he wants a pic trade

Other day in the Ezboard , he  came to me   saying that he wants a pic trade. And i think: -It is the first time that i draw for others-. An i liked that idea very much. This "thing"(without offense) is a rare mix of griffin and snake... . Made with pencil, colored with  Alpinos and inked with Pilot 0,5

Dianas_gold.jpg (111929 bytes)

Diana´s gold

this is a pic trade whit Diana

Diana puts one day in the Ezboard that she wanted someone to make a pic trade..... i haven't to say that i accept it. Made whit pencil, colored whit Alpinos. Inked whit pilot 0,2

Ratha_Blaze.jpg (107494 bytes)


is a pic trade with she

I putted a topic in the ezboard, an she was one of those that reply me. A pic trade was incoming!!  Made whit pencil, colored whit water colours, and the black border is made whit acrylics

Young griffin

it started as an head sketch

This griffin was originally a sketch of a griffon`s head, but i continue the draw, and i got this.... Made in ink

A big old griffin

i was helped by my father

This strange gryph was made for my father (in the real world, because Blaze is orphan), but i finished it, retouched it, and fixed.... made whit pencils.

it is unfinished

This another is unfinished yet, but you can see how i am working on it. They are Aubrey and Acyd, some of my Favorite guilders.

An harpy eagle

Just that...

This harpy eagle was sawed in a animal book, so i want to make him (or her) a good draw (i never draw things that i saw in books or similar). only i use pencils.

My old first Lyosha

i hope that she doesn't get angry....

What can i say..... i when i did this pic i only had seen the Lyosha`s head, so i put the rest of the body.... later i saw she in full, then i discover the mistake that i hade done (wrong spotty butt) sorry Lyosha!...... it is too old. only pencil

Fist pic of Nambroth

this is too old

he same as avobe for this pic.... i never seen before the full body of Nambroth, so i make as Lyosha`s pic, i put the wrong rear part...... sorry Nambroth!! only pencil.

Tyr`s birthday

Happy birthday tyr!!!!

Happy birthday Tyrr!!! i hope that this pic will likes to you. Made whit pencil, colored whit alpinos (is same as the prismacolors) and inked whit pilot 0,5.

Aubrey`s pic

Aubrey`s bday pic

Now is her turn...

Tree birthdays togheter??? Aubrey`s turn is now. A bit big-headed.... anatomy isn`t my hard. Pencil, prismas and ink 0,1. the original is in 2 is taken from "Discussion"(see abobe)

this is a Menel`s bday pic

Menelaran`s birthday

another birtday...

Now is time for Menel to make abig birthday party!!!! made with pencil, coloured whit prismas and acrilics, inked with pilot 0,1

jyiis_small.jpg (3373 bytes)


da green thing strikes back

Well, this greeph, is one of the most famous guilders. No one knows her, no one has seen her...but all of them do pics for she. Pencil, prismas and pilot 0,1

koal_small.gif (2551 bytes)


Bored one aftenoon, i begin to draw famous guilders.... by casualitie....   pencil, prismas and ink 0,1... the original is in the other side of the paper.. it is inverted

nambroth_small.jpg (2284 bytes)


Ah, ma great Namb..... wath can i say.... wy dont draw her.... an this is the result.... originally, it was to be Cp, but i changed my mind. pencil, prismas, ink 0,1

sunset_small.jpg (2055 bytes)

Sunset at Terran city

This is a pic of my past.... before being captured by humans, an forced to wear the ear-labels.... terran city was the unique human city in terra. ma home... pencil, prismas and some ink

acyd_small.jpg (2394 bytes)

Cyd`s bday pic

Ah, ma lovely Cyd..... this is a gifth for her birthday... pencil, crayons and prismas. No ink

blazewithhatchlings_small.jpg (1930 bytes)


The guild is a big place... you have work to do there... so, this time my job was care the hatchlings.... pencil, crayons, prismas and little ink

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All artwork displayed here is © to Oscar Yañez "Blaze". All rights reserved.  2002

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