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Last update: 21-6-2009   

*****RECENT NEWS****

Important news!!!!!!

Geoshities is closing down all of its websites. Due this i have to migrate this place ASAP i found a reliable server. While so, please visit my alternate  galleries, listed below.


I got a Devian Art Gallery!!! all my (old) art is located there... even some pics that are not here... (45 at the moment, then go for Sheezy one for newest art)

Also got a Sheezy Art gallery, where i put all the just drawn newest clean arts (all art goes here since 2004)

And for last, if you seek the Mature drawings, where i put all my adult stuff in high quality,is in  Fur Affinity (you must have an account there to see the mature stuff, if not, only shows the clean arts)

"Welcome to my cyberzone. Thanks for dropping by. Please feel free to explore."

Well, this is my sekond version of my wew page, so , you kan tell me what isn't working on it, or what you want....! About the pics, all in this wew site are mine,or given to me, by theyr original autors, so you cant steal them and alter..... only you can take them for your personal use: use it as wallpaper, or store it in your HD  ... NO ALTER OR RE-DISTRIBUTE ´EM!!

To see ma Gallary   Art made by me  ((quite old!)).... original 100 %  . Dont steal or i`ll bite you!!!!

 ...... lotsa links The clasiccal page of links...... lotsa linkage for guilders

 Know who is behind all of this Know who is behind of all of this..... the gryph and da human.

 misc.gif (1717 bytes)  various things.... Writings, RPG, and some other things... (READ MY STORIES!!!)

adu.gif (1555 bytes)    You should  be 15+ to see my adult art..or at least, mature enough, and open minded    


Email me Kuestions or comments??

If you have any questions, or would just like to drop me a line, please send email to: Blaze_griffin@hotmail.com .


.... *Thanks to Flynn for the Email-Gryph *

Copyright info: Blaze is © me, so only i can be him!!!

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