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Nat's Bio ~ His unforgettable life story.

King Cole Clips ~ Music samples of Nat's recordings.
Cole Photo Gallery ~ Peep the pics!
Discography ~ A partial listing of Nat and the King Cole Trio's work.
Lyrics ~ Words to Nat's most popular tunes.
Who's Who In The Trio ~ A listing of all official members of Nat's Trios.
Nat and Natalie ~ The ultimate father/daughter team.
Nat Chat ~ Join in the conversation on the NKC Message Board.
Capitol Records Official Nat "King" Cole website ~ Nat's label continues the legacy.
NKC Links ~ Other Nat sites that are worth checking out.
Welcome to the new home of The Unforgettable Nat "King" Cole Website. Thanks to all the folks who were so supportive during the year and a half this site was on Homestead.com. You'll find some changes here, but not too many. The love for Nat and his music continues!   My site pays tribute to one of music's most notable figures...and a pioneer in black history...and my all time favorite singer...His unique, velvety baritone graced these songs and made them memorable..."Mona Lisa"..."Unforgettable"..."Pretend"..."Ramblin' Rose"..."Route 66"..."Too Young"..."L-O-V-E"...there are too many to mention. Nat recorded over 900 tunes in his lifetime, in all types of genres! He was also a gifted jazz pianist, born with the gift of perfect pitch,  already influencial while still in his twenties...one who continues to be a major influence in jazz today. Words can't express how much I love this man and his music. Check out the links below and discover the legend that is Nat "King" Cole.

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The Unforgettable Nat King Cole Website
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WHAT'S NEW: The DVD, The World of Nat King Cole, is now available here in the United States and in Canada. For nearly two years it was only selling in the U.K. and in Europe, but now those of us here in North America have the chance to purchase it. Go HERE to Amazon's site to pick up your copy!
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Blackprincess Presents...
                       The Unforgettable
The Man, The Music, The Legend!
Nat King Cole
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