Anyway.... moving on..... this is a REALLY silly sight! k? get it huh??? it's a site and you can look at sights... ha! GOSH I'M FUNNY!!!! lmao rofl ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ..... bindy yelled at me! ha ha ha ha hah ah hahahahahwfk;asljlikse uosdfjskfklsjfio wi4roi kej kasdj falwjer she told me to stop it! Ok I'm done now, sorry....
SoRrY iF yOu ThOuGhT tHiS wAs GoInG tO bE a NoRmAl WeBsIgHt!!! AhA I'vE dOnE iT aGaIn!!!!
I'm almost as good as McKain... get it huh??? aha McKain you've done it again. GOD I'M GREAT!!!WHITE

I'm okay..... really.... ok bindy u can do this!!!!
ok well um..im kinda a bit more normal GREENthen...that thing up there..so..well..what am i ment to put..? ok well il explaine our si..ght!(beth made me do that)
HERE..OOH CAPS LOCK.. ahem here we shall have silly things which just ..i dont like spam! ITS NOT SPAM ITS BUDGIE! oh allright then!
did i scare ya? ;)
sorry if any of our behaviour scares anyone...but if its a young child thats ok..no..dont touch me.,DAMN THOSE COMMaRS! ahem..I DONT CARE! i cant spell so NUEAH...hehe..um...its saturday tomorow..i ge to e happy..^_^ lol!  ooh i GE TO E happy! hehe..ok im done..

YE$ mmmhhmmmm SHE is the NORMAL one!! OR NOT!!!!!!
No.... you didn't scare noBODY! BETINDA!!! ahaahahahahahah yes you are an idiot belinda! she said thanks..... lol .... why is that funny??? Why did I laugh??? I HAVE NOOOO IDEA... anyway... GO and look at the other parts of DA SIGHT! OMG I'm soo funny. he he he
Your mother was a hampster!
Yes, I know..
I find that insulting!
Millions of years ago when the oceans rolled back & revealed her continents the great land downunder slept untouched in the great southern seas. While other continents developed polluting the air...
That isnt a question stupid!

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