Beaniebailey says: why don't you move your cursor over to my big smily face and see my favorite picture of baby Bailey?
"Arf, arf, welcome to Beaniebailey's 'It's a Dog's Life!'. Do you see my bunny butt wiggling? Can you tell I'm drooling all over you? That's because I'm so happy to see you!
My name is Beanie the 'Cincinnati Kid' Bailey, but you can call me Bailey for short. I'm a Pembroke Welsh Corgi -- in case you are wondering, I'm a B-O-Y (people tell me I look like a girl and ouch! that hurts my feelings).

I have built this website because I wanted to tell everyone about me and my family among other things. Don't know where to start? Not to worry, I will show you the way; just follow my bunny butt! Here we goooo!
Bailey's Itchy Spot:

"Wanna know more about me? From a secret of my birth to my cheesy beefcake shots, it's all in here. I must warn you though, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK --because corgis can be highly addictive!"
Georgia's Feed the Doggie:

"Her name is Georgia (a.k.a. 'Jojo') the riot grrrrl. She is a tri-color Corgi and my little sister. She has a big attitude and an appetite to match. Can you tell which is bigger?
Beaniebailey's DOGmatized!:

"Mom is a graphic designer from Japan and this page showcases her artwork and more. Why does it called 'DOGmatized'? Well, you will see...." *smirk*
Beaniebailey says: "You are No.                                to be licked by Bailey since september 2000."
"please come see us again."
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"Drop us a line. We would love to hear from you fellow Corgi owners and anyone who enjoys the company of dogs!"
On Japanese Shiba Inus - Tribute to Rocky:

"Tired of staring at the tailess fuzzy butts? Well then, this is for you, no corgi owners. It's all about Japanese Shiba Inus and Mom's late canine brother, Rocky.
You can also find some useful information on pet loss, etc. in here."
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Corgi Kisses for St.Valentine's Day: animated e-card from Bailey and Georgia

"This is an experimental piece that Mom did when she first started learning a new design program called Flash. Unfortunately, it may not be viewed from some computers."
Bailey & Georgia the World Travelers!:

"Georgia and I has traveled to Japan with Mom in the fall of 2002 and lived there for over a year. This is our trip to the Far East and our lives in Orient."

Beaniebailey Extra Goodies:

"Everything else that can't be added to anywhere else has been dumped in here but wait, that doesn't mean it's borning. You may be presently surprised what you find...Or maybe not?!"

Miss. C's Where's My Binky?:

"Please come and meet Miss.C! She has joined my family in May of 2005 and is my youngest human sister. She is adorable!"

...and then some:

"Here are more for you to check it out.:
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