"You can call me Jojo but miss.Georgia if you are nasty."
Georgia says: Do you wanna see more pix of me?

"Yes, please" "No thanks"
Georgia says: point your finger at me and I will show you what happens!
Georgia says: Do you wanna see my pedigree?

"Yes, please" "No thanks"
Profile of 'the Hungry One':
Name: Georgia (a.k.a. NH Rocky's Purple Rose) *click the link below to see her pedigree

Birthday: February 28th, 2000 (Pisces)

Birth Place: Washington, C. H., Ohio. Bred by Joy Fox of Fox's Corgis

Birth Ma/Dam: Loogie *photo provided by Joy Fox (a.k.a. Aye Luv Loogie)

Birth Pa/Sire: Elvis *photo provided by Gayle Putt (a.k.a. Presley's Elvis Worsh Torsh)

Signature Color: Purple. ("I have a purple leash with matching purple collar, and a purple food + water bowl. I wasn't named Purple Rose for nothing; It's my lucky color.")

Hobby: Eating, eating, eating.....

Favorite Toy(s): Wobble Bone, *click and see Georgia's Wobble Bone Buster Food Cube *buy this toy online!

Fun Fact: "My body is one big itchy spot; you can scratch me anywhere and I will start thumping both my hind legs and twist my body into a funny shape. I also sleep with one of my eyes open sometimes and snores really loud."

"Me at 6 1/2 weeks old. Look innocent, ain't I?"
Poem of ' the Hungry One':
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Georgia's Kibbles In Your Eyes

My name's Georgia and I like to eat.
Let me tell you what I do for the tasty treats:

I don't fetch and do no tricks
but do know better than to mess with the garbage.
I behave myself for the sake of treats.
Know I'm gonna get some
when I'm being a good girl,
'coz who would doubt a Corgi's manners?

All I see's the kibbles in your eyes
when I look at your freckled face.

I don't give a hug and do not kiss
but do give a damn when I don't get snacks.
Girl's gotta eat so I demand respect.
Know I'm gonna get some
when I don't get off your back,
'coz who could take a Corgi's attitude?

All I see's the cookies in your eyes
when I look at your freckled face.

I don't care and do not hear
but am all ears with the sound of an opened fridge.
I rush to your side like the most faithful friend.
Know I'm gonna get some
when I play an angel,
'coz who could resist a Corgi's charm?

All I see's the cheeses in your eyes
when I look at your freckled face.

So feed me now to show your love
and I'll be yours 'till the end of time.

Georgia says: Have I got brand new pictures for you! Wanna see?

"Yes, please"    "No thanks"

"My happienst time of day: dinner time. Bailey, are you gonna eat that?"
"I eat, therefore I am." -Georgia
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