Many Faces of Bailey:
--from his puppyhood to adulthood
"I'm very expressive and always make sure I get my point across whether I'm happy, sad, angry or confused. My mom has been able to capture some of them on camera. Enjoy!" -- Bailey
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Puppy Bailey: how precious!
*first 6 months*

"Meet my birth mom and my sisters and see my cute puppy pictures during the first 6 months of my life. They will just make you go awww."
Bailey and Ren: out of control!
*two adolescents chumming up*

"My one and only buddy I've ever had before Georgia came to join my family. Actually, he was pretty much the only dog who was wild enough to be able to keep up with me and put up with me. Sadly, he and his master, Penny moved away shortly after these pictures were taken. I miss you, buddy."
Into Adulthood: total beefcake!
*working on maturity*

"I'd started to look like a mature adult but  trying to act like one was harder than I thought. At least I learned to how to pose for mom's camera."
Maybe Rocky's?
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