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Name: Bailey (a.k.a. Merrylegs Candy Spots) *click the link below to see his pedigree

Date of Birth: May 29th, 1998 (Gemini)

Birth Place: Cincinnati, Ohio. Bred by Gayle Putt of Merrylegs Corgis

Birth Mother/Dam: Magic (a.k.a. Merrylegs Magic Fox) *Photo provided by Gayle Putt

Birth Father/Sire: Clinton (a.k.a. Clinton Spiv Blevin)

Favorite Toys: Kong, Tricky Ball, Gum-Gum Latex Spaghetti Bone, WigglyGiggly *click and see Bailey's WigglyGiggly
Dear Bailey:
Ask personal questions to 'the master of his domain'!
Dear Bailey:
How did you get your name?

"I was named after Scott Wolf's character on the Fox TV show,'Party of Five.' Mom was a big fan of the actor as well as the show at the time and wished me to be just like him. Either that or Christopher Robin (Robin for short) -- yes, she loves 'Winnie the Pooh'  but she decided to go with Bailey. By the way, my litter name was Spot because I had a small white marking on the back of my head, which is still there after 5 years."
Profile of 'the Cincinnati Kid':
Quick and easy introduction to everything more than you would ever want to know about Bailey
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Dear Bailey:
What do you think is your best feature?

"I have puppy eyes, which make me look younger and in a way, more expressive. They make me irresistable to Mom and she always gives me hugs and kisses when I stare at her with them so I would say that's my best feature: my eyes -- Oh, and my intelligence! I'm pretty smart; I can learn a new trick in a matter of minutes. Honestly!" 
Dear Bailey:
Where did your nickname 'beaniebailey' come from?

"Some people seem to think it's from comic strip, Beatle Bailey but no; it's from Beanie Baby. Beanie Babies were the 'It' collectable at the time so mom begun calling me Beanie Bailey out of a joke. Also, I have always been on a smaller side (like a teeny tiny bean) so she thought that would suit me."
Winter Corgis: Bailey's favorite season of all
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Dear Bailey:
...Speaking of which, what is the latest trick you've mastered and how long did it take you to learn?"

"That would be 'Take A Bow.' It only took me about a half an your to get the idea and another couple of hours to master it completely. Unfortunatley, it doesn't look as impressive as it's supposed to because my legs are too short for this trick; mom says many people can't even tell whether I'm sitting down or standing up anyway, so they can't tell what I'm doing when I try to show off my new trick. Darn."
"Can't get enough Corgis? Well then, click the picture of me and my stuffed brother on the left to see Mom's Corgi collections. She's found most of them in Japan and the US."
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