I first began breeding in 1993, although success did not come until, I was offered a partnership in a wonderful young bitch Nakiska Apache Girl 'Emma' in 1994. Emma was a lovely young bitch, so with encouragement I ventured into the show arena with my new young pup. Emma was not like all the other nervous young pups, a fact I quickly discovered for while the other youngsters were caught up in the excitement of show day, Emma preferred to sleep at the side of the ring. However this casual disregard for the ring did not stop her having success and many very good critiques, in particular from the late great Walter Martin.

At 2 years of age, I had decided to breed from Emma and after looking at many gsd's I decided on a very raw young dog Icarra Intrepid, who appealed to me alot. From this litter I got 4 bitches and one dog. with so many lovely pups to choose from I was very undecided in who to keep, so after getting many opinions, I chose to keep to girlies, Goldmint Winter Rose 'Josie' and Goldmint Winter Flame 'Sophie'. Josie stayed with me and Sophie went to live with my mother. Josie began her show career with outstanding success and travelled around Australia to compete.

At 3 years I then mated Emma to a Bedwins Siegfreud son Winaura Jesse James who gave me the dog you see on the logo Goldmint Super Impose 'Tiges' named because he had tiger stripes at birth. A close girlfriend Nat Nelson from Friedental Kennels, brought tiges and had a successful show career with Tiges around Australia, and also achieving top Junior dog for Western Australia. so hence from both of Emmas litters I had achieved greatly.

At 4 years of age Emma was then mated to Tobarenny Zammora an outstanding dog who I owned who himself had proven his worth both on and off the show arena with his antics. From This litter we had Goldmint Pure Fantasy, who also proved herself in the show ring uner German SV judges and then was later sold to Texoma kennels, where she has proven herself as a very good producing bitch.

At 6 years of age Emma was then mated to Adashad the Fugative a Prima Zorba son, and from here he had Goldmint Israeli Hero 'Johny' who had considerable success in Western Australia.

At 7 years we had a surprise mating and to our horror Emmas son Johny mated his mother. we tossed and turned whether to have the pups aborted, but we felt that in the end we would leave it to nature. From this mating came Crystal who is the image of her mother and has her dads sable colour. Crystal has been a wonderful girl and now we woudnt trade her for the world, eventhough her beginnings were rather unsavory.

From Emma, we now have many other dogs and offspring who you will see from time to time on the web pages. Emmas children have gone on to produce many lovely dogs, who contribute to life in many areas from police work to family pets. Other kennels have also had the benefits of Emmas many children and through then a part of her will live on forever.

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