The Boys


The first boy to represent my kennels was Goldmint Super Impose ' Tiges' This was Emmas second mating and fortunately for me a successful litter.

Tiges started his show career as 5th minor dog at the 1997 nationals and from there went on to compete achieving top junior dog for Western Australia.

Our next outstanding boy to make his make in the show arena was Goldmint Israeli Hero 'Johny' also an Emma son.

Johny became and absolute favorite in the household and was very good at being a real clown. His favorite game was playing hide and seek with the kids much to their delight and ours. although Johny at times could be very eccentric with his antics we certainly love him.

Our next outstanding boy came from Sophie and Emma daughter who produced us a one of a kind Goldmint Fina Fury 'Bubba' or should I say bad boy bubba as he was the naughtiest pup you could imagine, probably because he was an only child. Bubba's favorite game is to play with the skateboard and will happily mug anyone for control of the skateboard.

Bubba has produced many outstanding youngsters and gave me a very naughty youngster who like his father has a very strong dose of the clown in him.

Bj named after his father above is our current rebel and will not keep still long enough for me to get a decent picture, so sorry folks this is the best I can do.

In real life Bj alias Dennis the menace, is now 14 months and keeps us all entertained with his antics. Watch out for more info.


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