The Official Ultrasound: 02/28/01

Today I had my official ultrasound. The other 2 I have had weren't official because the doctor was only looking to try estimate the day of conception and to let me see the baby.

My Mom went with me to this appt. and she got to see her grandchild for the very first time. I didn't get to see the baby because the screen was turned towards my Mom and the technician who was performing the ultrasound. I didn't think it was a big deal because I was told that I would receive a picture of the baby before I even went to the clinic. Well, my Doc was wrong and I didn't get a picture and he supposedly knows that this clinic I went to doesn't give pics. So, needless to say, I was pretty upset. I didn't even get to see the baby and this was probably my last ultrasound because every test and ultrasound has shown that the baby appears to be normal...which is great...but I would really like to have a picture. Oh well.

My Husband wanted to go to the appt. with me but I told him that we will get a pic and that way he could see the baby and not have to miss work. Well, he missed the baby, because there wasn't a pic and he didn't go but I didn't get to see the baby either.

When I first found out I was pregnant and saw my Doctor, I told him that I had no idea of when my last menstral period was, except for it was at the beginning of October. I am pretty irregular and I figured that I wouldn't ever get pregnant so why bother keeping track of it. Well, when I had this official ultrasound done, she measured the baby and instead of being 20 weeks, she put me as being 22 weeks and my new delivery date as July 5, 2001. It's kind of funny because when I first got pregnant, I used a date I thought my last menstral period was on and I came up with the July 5, 2001 date. So, it is 11 days difference but the baby comes whenever it is ready so it could be up to 2 weeks, or even earlier, before or up to 2 weeks after the date. My Doc said that if I am 2 weeks late, they will induce labor.

My Mom said that the baby looked like it was laying on a couch watching tv with it's arm over it's head. The tech pointed out the fingers, hands, legs, feet, eyes and some other parts to my Mom. Thank God, everything seems to be normal. My Mom also said that by looking at the baby now, it looks like it may be a 6 pounder. My husband and I are both small so that would kind of make sense but I am sure that isn't always the case so maybe I am just lucky. Anything can happen in the next 4 1/2 months, so who knows.

Wanna know the sex of the baby? Well, you'd have to ask my Mom and she said she ain't telling. I told the tech's when I first got there that if they could tell the sex, I don't want to know. Well, since I couldn't see the screen (like I would know what to look for anyways) and my Mom was there and she wanted to know, the tech looked at the screen, looked at the other tech in the room and asked her what she thought. With the shake of her head, she just about instantly knew what it was. That right there tells me that it is a boy because I didn't think it was that easy to tell if it is a girl at this point. My Mom won't tell and I don't want to know but I am about 98% sure it is a boy. They said they can't tell 100% but the looks on their faces looked about 250% sure.

How am I doing? I am able to eat Chocolate it made me sick before. Right now I am dealing with major heartburn and MAJOR swelling in my feet and hands. My feet hurt so bad sometimes I can't stand on them. My hands hurt too but not as bad as my feet. I haven't been feeling sick lately and I am not any more tired than I usually am. My breasts are a little sore and I have a bad case of Acne on my back and chest. I don't have any stretch marks yet but I am still not that big so we will see. I am using Cocoa butter on my belly...according to my Husband, it keeps stretch marks away. It may be true or just an old wives tale but I don't have any yet. I am not having any back pain..Thank God! I think that I have gained a little less than 15 pounds so far and I am 5 1/2 months pregnant but they say it is normal.

So, no picture as I promised in my last update..sorry. I am still upset about that. My next update will be around March 15,2001 after my next Doc appt.

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