10th Prenatal Checkup/Exam: 06/26/01

This is a pretty frank update....not hostile...frank. If you can't handle someone being frank....leave now.

Today I had my 10th prenatal checkup/examination. Today's visit wasn't as pleasant as the last one but hey...you can't win them all. I weighed in at 161, which means I gained 5 pounds in 11 days. I don't see how that is possible seeing how I am on a 1700 calorie diet and I doubt that I even get 1700 calories. My blood pressure was 147/80, which they said is borderline and caused all kinds of havoc, that I will talk about in a few minutes, and my pulse was 108.

My appt. time was for 9:30 am. I was called in for vitals at 10 am, put in an examination room at 10:35 am and the Doc. came in around 11 am. She measured the baby and he/she measured at 36 cm. The doc. said that is good. She wanted to check my cervix to see if I have dilated and sure enough I have. I am dilated 1 cm and I am 30% effaced. This Doc. said that it looks like I have a ways to go before delivery because my cervix is still pretty thick.

I mentioned to the doc. that I have had 2 eye spells in the last week. Basically I see a big spot, it moves and I end up not being able to see out of either eye. These spells lasted about 20 min's each and afterwards, I got a killer headache. I told her that the nurse who checked my vitals said that my blood pressure was borderline so the Doc. looked and said that she is going to have to send me to the 3rd floor, Labor and Delivery room for testing because she said I was showing signs of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH). She said that high blood pressure and spells with the eyes are common signs of PIH. She said that the Blood Pressure and eye problems were directly related. Before she sent me upstairs, she wanted to get some blood and urine by cathedar. I told her that I had just gone to the bathroom so I didn't know if they could get anything out of me. Well, they took 4 huge things of blood and then told me to go and drink some water and then come back so they could get some urine. So, I went out and got a Diet Coke and called my Husband to let him know what was going on.

About 15 min's after the drink, I went back in and of course the nurse wasn't there anymore so I had to wait for someone else. While I was waiting, the doc. saw me and asked me why I was still there and not on the 3rd floor and they told her I was waiting to give urine. She said they could get urine upstairs so she had a nurse walk me and my record up to the Labor and Delivery area.

I get in the labor and delivery area and am asked to strip down. They took my blood pressure and it was still high. They asked all kinds of questions and then decided to do another internal exam. I was still only dilated 1 cm so nothing had changed. They put me on a fetal heart monitor for 20 min's and when they read the report, or whatever it is, the doc. said that I was having contractions every 1-2 minutes. I wasn't feeling them though. I asked if that was normal and the only thing they could tell me was that they couldn't say that that is normal...what a bunch of losers. Any ways, they took the urine and took my blood pressure a couple of more times until my blood pressure was at an acceptable level. They had me convinced that I had that PIH and the Doc. said that if the urine comes back suggestive of PIH, they will take the baby out that day. From what they told me, PIH is something that the Gestational Diabetes can contribute to and that it can have effects on the mother before, during and after labor. They said that PIH causes seizures in the mother. I thought "well, that is just great...1st I get Diabetes and now they have convinced me that I have this PIH." Needless to say, I was a little worried.

I asked the doc. about my due date. She said that they go by the date on the 20 week ultrasound I had done. Well, if that is the case, my due date is...like I have been saying all along...July 5. I told her that and she said that the report says the 16th. I thought that there was a copy of the ultrasound in there but when I got home, I got to thinking that I have copies of the report and I don't remember seeing them in my record. My Doc. at the People's Clinic wouldn't change the date and that is why everyone is saying the 16th, because obviously he can't read an ultrasound report. So, when I go in next week, I am going to give them a copy of the ultrasound, which should change my date to July 5...which is next Thursday.

Also, I was telling the doc. about the eye attacks and I told her that I have had migraines before and these headaches I get are bad. Then she told the other doc. that the migraines are the cause of my eye problems. I am still mad about that because I haven't had a migraine in over a year and NEVER has a migraine made me go blind. But...who am I to tell a young, arrogant Doctor what I know to be true about my own body. They know everything right? I don't think so. I am telling you...if you live in Houston, STAY AWAY from Ben Taub hospital. You will get the worse treatment and the most incompetent Doctors there. I swear they gathered all the flunkies and morons from all corners of the earth, put DR. behind their names and gave them jobs at this hospital. I don't know everything, I am not claiming to but these people are really bad and really don't know their butts from holes in the ground. One doc. says one thing and then another contradicts the other. When asked why other docs say other things I always get the response "he/she didn't know what he/she was talking about" Isn't that sad?

Any ways....

I went out in the waiting room and called my Mom and told her that they may induce today but we are waiting on the urine results. I called my Husband as well and so was on standby just in case. While I was sitting there, my Mom walked in. I felt bad because when the results came back a few HOURS later, everything was normal so she went up there for nothing. I appreciate her coming up there but it was a waste of her time and money for parking. Don't get me wrong, I am very glad that so far they haven't found that I have PIH but I was really hoping they would induce labor.

When I was being checked out, the lady gave me a prescription for Tylenol and said that it is for my headaches. I asked "what headaches" and she said "the ones that cause the eye problems." I am telling you...a migraine has NEVER, EVER made me lose vision. I am not kidding...I cannot see athing when these attacks start. I told her that it wasn't the headaches causing eye problems and she said that she would go back and have the doc. come out. Well, a few min's later she came out, without the doc. and boy is that Dr. lucky, and had a prescription for Tylenol 3 with Codeine. I thought what in the hell are they giving a pregnant women Codeine for. Any ways, I told the woman I am not taking the prescription and that migraines are not causing headaches and the Dr. is just being stupid. Well, after that she gave me this jug and said that I need to keep my urine for 24 hours. She said that if they missed something in the small urine sample they took by cathedar from me, this 24 hour urine would be enough to find whatever they are looking for....IDIOTS. She also gave me an appt. for next Tuesday, the 3rd.

I am hoping that this child will come over the weekend or before the next appt. He/she is really low..and I mean LOW. I have been having contractions, not very painful and not too close together but I am definitely having them. So, I think that I am very close. I just hope he/she gets here real soon.

My next appt. is on July 3rd, if I haven't had the baby by then. I'll either update the pages then, if the baby isn't here, or I will update these pages when I recuperate from delivery...I hope it's the latter ;o).

Oh...I forgot to mention that while I was in the bathroom, I heard these God awful screams in the room. I guess that lady was in labor but I thought..ut oh...reality is sinking in. She screamed for quite a bit and then I guess they gave her some meds that stopped her. I feel sorry for her....she was really screaming. I’ll be glad when I can be doing some screaming, at least the baby will be closer to getting here!

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