Ok...here they are...pictures of me. In the first picture I am 6 months preggo. I didn't even start showing until I was about 6 months. In the second picture I am 8 months preggo. I didn't think I was BIG until I looked at that picture. I have seen women who are about my size and are a lot bigger so I guess it is normal for me to look this big, well, it is big to me..no one else seems to think so except for my husband...isn't that lovely of him to point out that I have a BIG belly? I hear it all the time.

Taken on 03/23/01

Taken on 06/11/01

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Vital Signs

11/01/00: First Prenatal Checkup/Exam

11/08/00: The Results

12/08/00: Second Prenatal Checkup/Exam

01/05/01: Third Prenatal Checkup/Exam

02/12/01: I Felt It Move!

02/14/01: Fourth Prenatal Checkup/Exam

The Official Ultrasound: 2/28/01

The Nursery With Pictures: 03/12/01

03/15/01: Fifth Prenatal Checkup/Exam

03/22/01: 2nd Appt. in March

04/26/01: Hospital Visit

05/04/01: Sixth Prenatal Checkup/Exam

05/11/01: Bad News

05/17/01: Baby Shower

05/25/01: Seventh Prenatal Checkup/Exam

05/29/01: Eighth Prenatal Checkup/Exam

06/15/01: Ninth Prenatal Checkup/Exam

06/26/01: Tenth Prenatal Checkup/Exam

06/30/01: I Lost My Plug!!!

07/03/01: Eleventh Prenatal Checkup/Exam

07/05/01: Labor and Delivery

07/05/01: It's A Girl!!!!!!!

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