6th Prenatal CheckUp/Exam: 05/04/01

Today I had my 6th prenatal checkup/exam. I didn't have one in April because they couldn't schedule an appt. around my school schedule. Everything has been fine so far so I don't think not seeing my doc for a month will hurt.

As usual, my appt. was at 1:45 and I didn't get seen until 5 min's to 3. I was in the room waiting for my doc and this lady doc walks in and says that she doesn't know where my doc is and that she is going to see me. That upset me because I had a lot of questions for him and I wasn't going to ask her. She asked me how things are going and I told her about the Ben Taub ER visit. She asked me if I have had any bleeding and I said nope. She, and her medical student, measured my belly and it measured at 28 cm. She said that the baby is measuring about a week small but that is ok. Then we listened to the baby's heartbeat. It has slowed down somewhat because it use to be in the 150's/160's and today it was 131. They say that is normal because as the baby gets bigger, the heart rate slows down. I thought everything was ok but then she said.....

I've got some bad news. I said what? She said that the results from my Glucose Tolerance Test are in and my sugar level was high. She said the normal level is around 100-110 and mine was 153. She said that it doesn't mean that I have Gestational Diabetes yet but they need to do a 3 hour test to verify if I have it or not. I was really upset because my doc told me time and time again that if something was abnormal, they would call right way. Well, the results had been in for over a month and did they call me? Nope.

So, I said whatever and then it was time to wait to be checked out. I sat there for 1 hour and 15 min's and they finally called my name to check out of the clinic. At check out I asked the nurse what effect this will have on my baby and she said something I couldn't understand and I just hit the roof. I told her that I should have been notified and that if my baby is harmed things are really going to get bad in here. Well, she took me into another room and the doc came back in and they both said that I should have been notified but it didn't work that way, which didn't do anythign for me. The doc said that I haven't been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes yet and that the 3 hour test might come back normal. I told them it doesn't matter and that I should have been told. Well, I told them that I am almost in my 30th week and I demanded to know what effect it will have on me and the baby, especially the baby, if I do have diabetes. She said that the only thing to worry about with the baby is weight gain. She said that the placenta can block insulin so the baby has to make its own. The sugar goes straight to the baby and the baby stores it as fat. She said with uncontrolled diabetes, the baby can get up to 10-11 pounds because of all of the extra sugar. But if I have diabetes, they will either put me on a diet and/or give me insulin shots for the remainder of the pregnancy to watch the babies weight. She also said that they will have to do frequent ultrasounds to make sure the baby isn't getting too big. As far as I am concerned, she said that having Gestational Diabetes in pregnancy goes away after delivery, since I didn't have diabetes before I got pregnant. But, it will give me a 50% chance of having the real diabetes later in life.

So, I go in on May 11th for this 3 hour test and I will know the results on May 25, when I go back to see her. I have to diet for 3 days before the test and fast 12 hours before so I am going to be STARVING by the time it is done. I asked where my doc is and they said he is working at another hospital for the month of May and he will be back in June.

The next update will be on may 25 after I see this doc again. My mother and I are leaving for KY. on May 12th because my family is throwing me a baby shower up there...isn't that nice? I can't wait to get there. We are only staying for a week so hopefully the baby won't come before I can get back home. See ya at the next update and hopefully it will be a more pleasant one!

Oh...my pulse this time was 106..which is very low for me since I have been pregnant and I weighed in at 155 so I have gained 26 pounds so far. I don't look big or heavy and I think I am only putting on weight in the stomach.

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