05/25/01: Seventh Checkup/Exam

On 5-25-01, I had my seventh prenatal checkup/exam. I received some good news as well as semi-bad news at this appt.

As usual, I didn't get seen until 1 hour and 45 minutes after my appt time. My doctor still isn't back in the clinic yet so I had to see Dr. Poag, who I saw the last time. I went in and she asked me if I have a glucose monitor and if I have been checking my sugar level. I said yes and showed her my log book for keeping track of the test results. Before I go any further, let me tell you about the Nurse visit I had to make on May 22.

When they found out that I had Gestational Diabetes they signed me up for a "Diabetic Class." So, it was scheduled on May 22 (my bday) at 2pm. Well, here comes 10 till 4 and I still hadn't been seen. So, I asked when the class was going to start and they kept telling me that they didn't know. I got upset and told them that if I am not seen before 4pm, I am leaving. So, they called the nurse and told her that I was a little upset and she said she would see me in 10 min's. So, I finally get in the room and she asked me what I was there for. I told her the diabetic class and she said there is no diabetic class and wanted to know why they sent me to see her. I told her that if there isn't a class, then I don't know why. She looked through my chart and asked me if I have the glucose monitor and I told her no but I planned to get it that night. So, she showed me how to use the monitor, told me to test my sugar level 1 hour after I eat breakfast and 1 hour after I eat dinner and she told me to stay away from sugars and starch's. I didn't leave the clinic until 5 after 5pm.

Now, back to Dr. Poag. She looked through my log book and asked me where my fasting tests were. I said "fasting?" and she said that I am supposed to check my sugar as soon as I get up, before brushing my teeth, and that would be considered a fasting test because I slept without eating. Then she said that I am also supposed to test 2 hours after every meal, at least 4 tests/day. I told her that the nurse told me the opposite so she looked through my chart and said that the nurse didn't know what she was talking about and everything that she told me was wrong....that figures. I spent my bday in the clinic for absolutly no reason.

Then the doc said that she is sorry to tell me but I have a high risk pregnancy, and all of my appt's would have to be at the hospital from now on. She said the clinic isn't able to handle high risk pregnancies. I asked her if she was crazy for being sorry and I told her that I hate coming to this clinic and I would be glad to get the rest of my prenatal care through the hospital. She was actually shocked that I told her that I hate coming to that clinic.

She listened to the baby's heartbeat and everything was normal there. She measured me and I was 35 cm. The baby is measuring 9 days too big. In 3 weeks, the baby went from measuring one week small to 9 days too big.

Dr. Poag told me that at the hospital I will be sent to a dietrician and will be seen once a week to closely monitor the pregnancy..since the baby is already ahead of itself. She also told me that they will probably put me on insulin because my sugar levels are still a little too high. So, my first appt. at the hospital is this Tuesday, the 29th, at 8am. That's when my next update will be.

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