Today was my 5th prenatal exam. It was a very bad day seeing how I was at the clinic from 12:05 until 3 minutes to 5. To start off with, they take my vitals at 1, which was my appt. time. I thought Oh boy I will get to see the doc on time this time. My pulse was 143....very high and my blood pressure was fine. So, they sit me in a room and said that the doctor is running late...which is ALWAYS the case. I never ever get seen at my appt. time, it is always at least 2-3 hours after my appt. time, so naturally I spend all day at the clinic, today was the longest I have ever spent there.

Anyways, about 20 min's later, I get sick to my stomach, started to sweat, got really nervous and felt like I was going to faint. I got the attention of one of the staff members and they instructed me to lie down and they would try to find a doc, which is hard in this place because it is very understaffed. A doctor comes in and asks me what happened and I told her and she told me to lie on my left side and that I had this spell because of my uterus expanding. Hello? Well, since I am 6 months pregnant, hasn't it been expanding the whole time? This is the first time this has ever happened to me but I realized that after she talked to me she went to another person and started to gossip about a doctor she doesn't like. So, I laid there and started to feel better and got up and sat back in the chair. About 15 min's later, it happened again. So, I got on the table and at 2pm, a nurse came in and asked me if I was ok and I told her no that something is going on. So, with my doctor still not being there yet, another doctor came in and took his place. I don't know if she thought I was in labor or what but she kept asking me about feeling contractions, which I haven't, she asked me about bleeding and about water running down my leg. She beat on my back and asked if it hurt and I said no. She then said that it is probably due to the flow of blood in my body when I go from standing to sitting. I said "well, that's not it because I was sitting for at least 30 min's reading and it hit me like a ton of bricks." She felt on my stomach and said that she wanted to listen to the baby's heartbeat. Well, that was the best part of the day...hearing the heartbeat. She said that it also may be due to a bladder infection. I said why would I have a bladder infection and she said that they are very common in pregnancies. I said that I have had them before and I don't feel as if I have one and she said that normally they would do a culture but since I am pregnant and it is more common in pregnant women, they assume that's what it is. She felt my legs and hands, took my pulse and proceeded to be done with me when finally at 2:30 pm, my doctor walks in. So, she tells him what has been going on and he told her to order some lab work and he told me that if the spells continue that I am to go to the ER. I asked him if my feet and hands being so swollen was normal and he looked at both and said that it is normal and it will get worse.

While I was sitting waiting to be checked out, which takes at least another hour, a technician comes to me and says that the doc wants me to have an EKG done because my pulse was so high. So, I go and get that done and about 20 min's later, the doc comes and says that everything is fine with the EKG and emphasized that if the spells keep happening to go to the ER. He said that my pulse may be high due to the baby pressing on blood vessels.

So, another hour goes by and they tell me to go to the lab to give more urine and more blood. Every time I go in for an appt., they take urine and check for sugar in the urine, a sign of diabetes. I couldn’t check out yet because the computers were conveniently down at the time so after the lab, I had to go back to the clinic. This lab is soooooooo slow, but why wouldn't it be...look at the whole clinic. Well, after an hour of waiting, I finally get to pee in a cup again and give blood. I went back to the clinic and luckily they had my paperwork and that was at 3 min's to 5.

The due date has changed once more. The doc said that the ultra sound people are not doctors and that they are only there to measure the baby and send the results to him. So, his date for my delivery is July 10, 2001. It’s funny though because the date was originally the 16th of July. So from now on I am going to say that I am due in July..but I don’t know when. Every time I go into this clinic, my due date changes.

I get to do this all over again on the 22nd of this month because he wants to go over the lab paperwork with fun. So, that’s when the next update will be, in 1 week.

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