3rd Prenatal Check-Up/Exam: Jan 5, 2001

How am I feeling this week? Tired and Hungry. My mom and I drove to Ky from Tx on the 15th of Dec for Christmas vacation. We drove back on the 1st of Jan and got here on the 2nd. I am still trying to recouperate from that drive. I am a little nauseated most parts of the day but it isn't too bad. The main problem I am having right now is trying to keep myself awake. I also have a very hard time sleeping at night. I can fall asleep easily but I wake up in the middle of the night and I toss and turn for the rest of the night and when I can't take it anymore, I just get up. I still don't have any food cravings yet...I wonder if I ever will? Now onto the good part:

Today was my 3rd check-up with my doctor. My husband, went with me so that he could see the baby. The doctor came in and said that he is going to check for the heartbeat. I asked if he is going to do an ultrasound and he said that we saw everything last month. I told him that my husband came just to see the baby and the doc said ok and took me in for an ultrasound.

The ultrasound was awesome. I still don't have a picture yet. The doc said around the 19-20th week, he will send me to get an ultrasound and I will get a picture then. The picture part of the machine he uses is broken. Anways....the baby was very, very, very ACTIVE. It was moving all over the place. It was so cute tho. We could clearly see the fingers, toes, spine, legs. arms, eye sockets and all of the head. The doc said it is too early to determine the sex but I don't want to find out about it until delivery anways. It looked like it had the hiccups...it was funny. We got to see the baby pretty clearly because it was moving around a lot and for a little while, it was facing the camera (so to speak) as if it knew we were looking at her/him. The appt lasted about 10 minutes and we were done. What an exciting time that 10 min's was.

Well, my next appt is on Feb 14th so I will update you then, unless something happens between now and then. So far everything is looking really well and I am feeling pretty good.

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