05/17/01: Baby Shower

On 5-17-01 at 7pm, my family in Kentucky gave me a baby shower. My Mom bought the plane tickets and we stayed there for a week (5/12-5/20).

The shower was awesome and so much fun! I can't believe all of the goodies I got from everyone. There were literally bags full of stuff. The house was decorated for the shower and the cake was cute as well. It had a scanned pic of the baby shower theme and it had a pink pair of shoes in icing and a blue pair of shoes in icing and it said "Only Time Will Tell Which Shoe Will Fit." Cute huh?

A link to pictures of the Baby Shower is below.

Who attended: My Mom and my Granny; my Aunts Sandy, Brenda, Rhonda and Carol; my cousins Lisa, Kacie, Sarah and Brandi; Lisa's Daughter Brittany and Kacie's Daughter Kaylyn; and Friends of the Family: Brenda, Debby, Jeannie and Jeannie's husband Keith.

What I got (and boy was I amazed): A Baby's Handprint Memories Kit; A Lullabye Dream Show (hangs on the crib, plays 3 tunes, puts a show on the ceiling and has a dancing bear on the unit on the crib); 7 toys; Winnie the Pooh Pez Dispenser (for me); 42 Inch Winnie the Pooh Fan (has a hunny pot for the light and the blades have the Pooh characters on them); Soft Pooh Pillow; 7 packs of 48 Newborn Diapers; Pooh Baby Book; 2 small Pooh Photo Albums; Baby Mozart Video (plays tunes and has colorful scenes for the baby to look at); 14 bottles (3 Pooh); Bottle Drying Rack; Breast Feeding Privacy Drape (very pretty); Disposable Diaper Bags; Fold and Go Changing Pad; 2 big, 2 small things of Diaper Wipes; Talking Parrot (helps develop motor, sensory and language skills); Pooh Bib; Baby Shawl (baby big bird); Pooh Set (one piece underwear, cap and booties); Pooh Car Shade (for the window); 15 Piece Gift Set (gown, hooded receiving blanket, side snap t-shirt, vest, lap shoulder t-shirt, diaper pants, socks, bib, hat, washcloth, blocks, teether, 3 onesies); Tucks and Pads (for me after delivery); 4-in-1 Bath Station (from newborn to toddler); Bath Pad to put in station (teddy bear shaped); Rhythm and Blues Bouncer (plays music, vibrates and has a lighted toy bar); 7 Piece Healthcare Organizer (nasal aspirator, medicine dropper, medicine spoon, digital thermometor, baby nail clippers, emergency/healthcare card, case organizer case); 12 Cloth Diapers; Pooh Charm (me); I Love Mommie Musical Pillow; Bottle and Nipple Cleaning Brush; 1 pair of Pooh Booties...very cute; 2 pairs of Socks; Baby On Board Looney Tunes Car Sign; Pooh Comb and Brush Set; 3 Side Snap Shirts; 2 Regular Gowns; 2 Crib Sheet Savers; Pooh Cap and Gown; 2 Packages of Disposable Changing Pads; 3 Hooded Towel and Washcloth Sets; 1 Hooded Towel; 16 Washcloths; 5 Body Suits; 7 Onesies; 2 Pooh Pacifiers; 2 Packs of Pooh and Tigger Foot Rattles; 6 Crib Sheets (2 Pooh); 8 Receiving Blankets (4 Pooh); 13 Piece Pooh Diaper Bag set (diaper bag, changing pad, snack bowl with lid, 8 oz bottle, fork and spoon, plastic rattle, brush and comb set, bee shaped sponge, 2 washcloths, wipes case); 4 Burp Cloths; Tube of Desitin; Picture Frame (won during Baby Bingo!); Johnsons Baby Gift Set (baby powder, baby oil, baby bar of soap, diaper rash ointment, baby shampoo, baby lotion and baby bath); 5 Take Along Bath Set (baby powder, baby lotion, baby bath, baby shampoo and diaper rash ointment); Johnson's Bedtime Bath Lotion (soothes fussy babies...my cousin Kacie says this stuff really works); and Johnson's Baby Wash.

My Uncle Mike wasn't there but at Christmas, he gave me a Classic Pooh Picture Frame for the baby's room.

That's a lot of stuff huh? The only things I need to buy now are boppy pillows and gender colored outfits (when we know the sex).

Click on the theme of the Baby Shower to see Pictures of the shower:

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