07/05/01: It's A Girl!!!! Click on the above graphic for more info!!!!

Start of Pregnancy Journal:

Hi and welcome to our new baby-to-be's page.

I have wanted a child for many years and it has finally become a reality. On friday, October 27, 2000 I went and bought a pregnancy test called Answer. Well, I got home and performed the test and there were 2

lines...but the important line was very, very light. So, I called my mom and asked her advice and she told me to go get an EPT brand pregnancy test. So, I went and got a box of 2 tests and when I got home I performed one of those tests and I got the same results. So, I figured that I would test again on Sat, the 28th, in the morning because they say the first morning urine has the most HCG in it. So, I performed a test that morning and there were 2 lines and this time the important line was darker. I had one Answer test left so I decided to try that one on Sun the 29th and it showed 2 lines but the important one was very light.

So, here comes Monday, the 30th and I go to the doctor to have some blood drawn and sure enough..my prayers have been answered....we're pregnant.

You cannot begin to imagine the excitment I feel right now. I am a little afraid...it's my first. I hope and pray that I have a safe and healthy pregnancy and will have a sweet little one come this July.

My estimated due date is sometime in July. See the 5th checkup for more info.

Everyone wants a girl. I really don't care if it is a girl or boy...a baby is all I want.

If it is a girl, her name will be Rianna Sue. Sue is my mothers middle name. If it is a boy, his name will be Jonathon Michael. John, after my step-dad, Michael, after my brother.

If you want to learn how we are doing during the pregnancy, come back every month and I will have updated information about my well-being.

Well, thanks for coming in and learning about our new joy! Hope to see ya back again!

Vital Signs

11/01/00: First Prenatal Checkup/Exam

11/08/00: The Results

12/08/00: Second Prenatal Checkup/Exam

01/05/01: Third Prenatal Checkup/Exam

02/12/01: I Felt It Move!

02/14/01: Fourth Prenatal Checkup/Exam

The Official Ultrasound: 2/28/01

The Nursery With Pictures: 03/12/01

03/15/01: Fifth Prenatal Checkup/Exam

Pictures of Me: 03/20/01

03/22/01: 2nd Appt. in March

04/26/01: Hospital Visit

05/04/01: Sixth Prenatal Checkup/Exam

05/11/01: Bad News

05/17/01: Baby Shower

05/25/01: Seventh Prenatal Checkup/Exam

05/29/01: Eighth Prenatal Checkup/Exam

06/15/01: Ninth Prenatal Checkup/Exam

06/26/01: Tenth Prenatal Checkup/Exam

06/30/01: I Lost My Plug!!!

07/03/01: Eleventh Prenatal Checkup/Exam

07/05/01: Labor and Delivery

07/05/01: It's A Girl!!!!!!!

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