Welcome to page that Areyekuwe Started!
All this page-building meant to give you some good laugh, if i can, some gaming info as well as connection to some files on / of Kingdom Of Drakkar!
Well, this is one of the sites that will never be finished, will be added onto at times and be otherwise unreliable :P
come back to check it out now and then!
  Local news!! Hear ye, hear ye, (Downloads, News, and all such here)  

On 09.20.02 i got around to publishing ''Beyond Dragon Lords'' that contains a very touching preface wich is the newest chapter of Dragon Lords (which is concluding part of Repa's tales) by fine master of story-telling!

I could not resist and not publish several posts that i gathered over time adding them now, i recall that Flagg's post about early days and morals of Drakkar goes to pre-dawn of DZ time, DeathWish post and ''mining RUSH'' came about a month or 2 into Spring of DZ(so make it April? 2002)

On 09.02.02 Guild of ASH took down Wardens in all out combat, without them stunned, just dead... :); Page dedicated to ASH Guild SeaHag hunt is also up!

Added page on discovery and 1st ever DeathSasquach hunt

06.26.02 On this site there was launched a very simple web message board (link in top right)

Tbjorn has done a few large scale animated GIF files, 1st one made shortly after MegaMama lair was activated, and sure it deals with fictional 'megawarden'. Getting taste of it, he would not stop and as a result whole Guild of ASH goes to see some riff-ruff: 'teacher' animation is his 2nd work, then HUGE Griff 'daddy' is his 3rd. Enjoy.

Added reposts cuts and pastes of Repa Tales 'Guild of FURY vs The Drakkar' and 'Dragonlords'(incomplete) that were posted originally on IEN. In part one our group of heroes led to lair of Drakkar and they get to learn a thing or two! In part two it just gets better and better as our adventurers do not give up. Now in part three, here we do not have as much going on but mysterious happenings of little importance? Part four deals with idle chatter about different types of super gear. Parts five then six and seven take us on an adventure that we yet to see completed (He told me now that it was meant to be called ''Dragonlords'', original scripts are lodt now)....

Brad, Randy, Mars and teh rest of the gang held(about 04.09.02)
and told us what they are planning to do with our lives, get transcript here.

Now, we all knew there is something more to drakkar then we can see, "sorta like more then meets the eye" type of thing, get a pic at graphics that are meant to be here! drak1.gif and drak2.gif (should save them to your hard drive and enjoy!)


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