Anita's Closet
Anita's Firecracker Dress
"I pulled out a black beaded slip dress. It came to mid thigh. There was a sheer black top layer that was beaded with black designs that looked like exploding firecrackers. I called it my firecracker dress."
Chapter 11 of Narcissus In Chains
Black Satin Nightgown
"I looked down and realized why I felt so bare. The black satin thing that Jean-Claude had put on me was very revealing. It was a black satin nightdress with long sleeves. The neckline was more than plunging, it was open all the way to my belly button. The neckline was V-shaped and it was framed with curving ruffles. The ends of the  sleeves were also ruffled. He must have had it custom made for me, as it held my breasts in perfectly. Any looser and they would have come tumbling out."
Narcissus In Chains chapter 11
More Anita Clothes
Punk Rock Outfit
Anita would look so hot in this outfit! Not to mention she could hide a gun in the jacket and under the skirt! Just picture a pair of black Nike's instead of those shoes...
Leather and Lace Outfit
We all know that Anita is not to keen on showing a lot of skin, however, she might make an exception for this outfit. Sporting a gun holster, maybe a few knives, she would be all set for a night on the town!
Red Leather Dress
Jean-Claude had his way this time, Anita's wearing leather and lace up shoes. A black jacket and the Browning would finidh this sexy and bad-ass outfit.
Imagine Anita in a corset? Wow....
Some regular but dressy clothing Anita might wear...
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