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I decided to make this page after I started writing my fan fiction that is a "continuation" of Laurell K. Hamiltion's newest Anita book Narcissus in Chains. I have found pictures of clothing Anita would wear and other things I included in my writing. You can read my writing either on this site or on Lyndalynn's page.
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If I have used any of your pictures please email me, I am very willing to add a link to your page or mention you in any way. I am also willing to remove the picture if necesarry. :o)

I am in no way connected to Laurell K. Hamilton, I do not know Laurel K. Hamilton and the fan fic I wrote is totally original and NOT her work.
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Who would win in a battle between female characters POLL RESULTS:
Anita Blake was said to win at 48%
People who has no clue 20%(come one people, check out those rockin' books!)
Everyone killing eachother at 17%
01/07/2003 Update:
Not much to say, been pretty busy with school, and I am sorry for not updating in quite a while! :(

There was a chat with LKH online few months ago, where she discussed many things, but here is what I found out about the upcomming book:
1. We will se more of Jason-much more! (no clues as to in what way were given)
2. Asher will play a much bigger roll, and we will see him more too.
3. Richard might have a similar problem dealing with his new powers, like Anita did, but Laurell isn't giving away anything. ;)
4. Nathaniel will still be in the book, and we will see more of him too.
Hope that will keep the curious satisfied! I decided not to write CS fanfic, sorry to those eagerly waiting. However, more will be written in my Fragile fan fic!
Fragile: The Halloween Fan Fic
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Photos courtesy of Bloody Roses
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Email me with questions or comments! I check my mail daily, so I will write back as soon I get it! Thanks!
This is a roll-playing game based on the Anita Blake characters using telenet. Its fabulous fun and I hope you'll check them out!
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